Monday, July 21, 2008

~Christmas In July~

It's Christmas-in-July at RoseCreekCottage. I'm busy designing Santas and Christmas pins for my upcoming fall and Christmas shows. I've cleaned, arranged and re-arranged my studio areas more times than I care to admit. Storage is always a problem when you have accumulated jewelry and doll pieces/parts for so many years! The studio photos you see here are just a small view of the drawers and bins that house my ever-growing collection of charms, findings and miniatures I use as an integral part of my whimsical jewelry! If my studio were neater, I'd post more....but for now, this will give you a little idea of what needs to be continually updated in the storage department! In the coming months, I'll post photos of the bead area, the quilt and fabric shelves, and the sewing and doll areas. I designed the studio myself, and hired Amish workers to come in and make my dream a reality. I couldn't ask for anything more. It's nice to have it right here at home, tucked into the five acres of woods, roses, and perennials. I LOVE going to work!The sweet Cottage Rose Santa is already sold, but stay tuned for more to come in the days and months ahead. Be sure to check Etsy and EBay as I'll add new items as quickly as I can create them. Remember that I specialize in Custom Orders. Just email me for details!


marin said...

omg, it's like working in a craft store!! lol. so many drawers, how do you find what you're looking for?!

Carol said...

LOL! I guess I'm just used to it and don't think about it that way! Actually....they're arranged by catagory, ie. angels, tea, coffee, etc. so I think I could find things with my eyes closed!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Marin. I'm off to check out yours!

lexismonkie said...

what a lovely, organized work space!!!