Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Monday Blessings~First Grade....Eegads~

I can't believe Ella started First Grade on Friday. At a Catholic school, no less. Be still my heart!! I'm so happy that Jackie and Jeff made the decision to send her to Immaculate Conception. She joins many of her friends....and one in particular who has been her 'best friend' since she was 3: Taylor! And they're in the same class. My little grand-daughter is in seventh heaven!! She's so beautiful, inside and out. I hope God keeps her this way for a VERY long time~

Happy Monday, wherever you are in the world~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~I Know I Know....I Haven't Posted In A While~

Thank you all for your dear emails. Things are fine here at RoseCreekCottage. Just extremely busy.

I'm sorry to say we had to bow out of Shaker Woods Festival this year. Way too many things on our plates here. It's a super 3-weekend show in Colombiana, Ohio. It runs 2 more weekends: Aug. 21-22, and Aug. 28-29. I believe the wonderful promoters, Sue and Sam Ferguson....and Lana...were able to find someone to rent our it won't be empty....but you won't find us there!

We will see you at Yankee Peddler Festival located in Canal Fulton, Ohio, 3 weekends in September, beginning Sept. 11th.

Please keep my Mom in your prayers. Hospice is still with her~

Blessings to you, wherever you are in this world~Carol