Wednesday, October 31, 2012

~Ghosts and Goblins and Free Shipping Today Only~

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Friday, October 19, 2012

~Freshly-Baked Cookies = Home~

When the boys were still at home, I'd become so busy with my business, that I'd worry that I wasn't 'mothering' them enough. My answer was to bake cookies right before they walked in the door after school, so the house would smell like 'home'. I posted about it here.

"In those days, my boys knew that whenever they smelled freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies when pushing open the back door after school, that their mom was feeling like she wasn’t “mothering” them enough. Their next questions were always: “Oh no. Where are those over-ripe bananas?” or “Do I taste that ‘bran stuff' in these?” Jim bought me the painting you see posted above, at one of the art shows we did. It hangs in the back hall. I'm sorry I cannot read the artist's signature to give her credit. It's beautiful and very meaningful."

Although the boys are now grown and 'biggest' boy still loves to walk in the back door after work, to the aroma of baking cookies: peanut butter cookies to be exact. They are the recipe from the Better Homes And Gardens Cookbook I got as a gift when we were first married. You can see by my scribbling above the recipe that I wrote (over 40 yrs. ago) 'Jim's favorite'!

Even today, when the cookie jar is empty...Jim always mentions that it 'needs' I decided to bake his favorite Peanut Butter Cookies...a double batch, so I can freeze some. As the holidays approach, the orders are already mounting, and I fear I won't have much time to bake cookies in the coming weeks. The house smells wonderful. And I feel satisfied that although I'm not 'mothering' anymore...I'm making my original 'boy' very happy~

Monday, October 15, 2012

~October Blessings and Prayers~

Fall is so beautiful here in the midwest. Although there's a chill in the air, the brilliant colored leaves on the trees make it SO worth knowing that winter is on its heels.

~Heaven welcomed a new angel yesterday: my dear Uncle Augie, my mom's brother. God decided to take him home, very unexpectedly yesterday morning. I can just imagine the celebrations there as he was greeted by other family members. Our family will celebrate his life this week.

~We're half-way through October, and so far..... no pneumonia for this gal. Blessings for sure~

~Missing and NOT missing Art Shows! Small blessings, for sure when I realize that these last two outdoor shows who many of my artist friends still participate in were VERY cold and rainy~

~Grateful that now Katie comes very regularly...and Fannie will be coming along with her quite soon.

~Thankful, again, that on these crisp fall days, I can do business tasks and studio time in my jamas. (a huge THANK YOU, Lord)~

~Enjoying cups of hot apple cider (spiced, from Trader Joe's) and mugs of hot Pumpkin Spice coffee....hmmmmmm good~

~Secure in knowing that my kids and grandkids are safe and happy living good lives. We are ALL so blessed. Again: THANK YOU, Lord~

~Sweater and Poncho weather is upon us!! Yippeee~

Rosie and I are off to the studio. Have an October Monday filled with prayers and blessings~ Carol and Rosie xo

Friday, October 12, 2012

~Happy Friday~

We've had quite a busy past two weeks: celebrated 5 family birthdays, including that of our precious grandson, Jackson, who turned 5. He is such a dear little boy. He reminds me so much of his father, my son, Jeff....though he also has much of his mommy in him, too. He's a lucky little guy!

In addition to all the birthday celebrations, my cousin, Ralph, married his long-time girlfriend, Kathy. We loved her from the start....but Ralph was a confirmed bachelor who finally, at age 46, saw that he'd better not risk losing the beautiful woman in his life. They are perfect together! The kids and grandkids came into town for the wedding, and I was so happy to visit with all of them and the other family members that I didn't take any I'm including their beautiful engagement photo!

Ralph's father, my Uncle Augie (my mom's brother), fell and broke his hip (he's 87)two days before the wedding, so he watched from his hospital bed via skype. It was set up front-and-center so he could see everything! Hip replacement surgery was Sunday, so he has a long road ahead of him. Knowing the family genes....he's a fighter, and will recupe in no time!

In addition to lots of studio time, new creations, and fall walks with's been a beautiful fall. Hoping you enjoy all fall's wonders wherever you are in the world~  Carol and Rosie

Thursday, October 4, 2012

~Aches, Pains and Smiles~

It's damp here in the midwest. Snow this weekend? As I grow older, the aches and pains from the dampness make moving in the morning more and more difficult....even though my brain cannot wrap itself around the actual 'number' age I am! So, coffee in I clicked onto FB this morning, I found this glorious photo of my youngest grandbaby, Emilia, posted by my son. All-of-a-sudden the aches were gone, replaced by a giant smile on my face......for I will get to hold her and my other grandbabies this weekend. A REAL reason that makes all I'm doing worth it!

Heading into the studio this morning, I have lots of new designs to list, including the little beauty shown here. It can be purchased with any number of wee tags you can be found on my website.

Rosie and I are off to the studio to photograph more new creations. Hope you're having a glorious fall Thursday, wherever you are in the world~