Friday, October 12, 2012

~Happy Friday~

We've had quite a busy past two weeks: celebrated 5 family birthdays, including that of our precious grandson, Jackson, who turned 5. He is such a dear little boy. He reminds me so much of his father, my son, Jeff....though he also has much of his mommy in him, too. He's a lucky little guy!

In addition to all the birthday celebrations, my cousin, Ralph, married his long-time girlfriend, Kathy. We loved her from the start....but Ralph was a confirmed bachelor who finally, at age 46, saw that he'd better not risk losing the beautiful woman in his life. They are perfect together! The kids and grandkids came into town for the wedding, and I was so happy to visit with all of them and the other family members that I didn't take any I'm including their beautiful engagement photo!

Ralph's father, my Uncle Augie (my mom's brother), fell and broke his hip (he's 87)two days before the wedding, so he watched from his hospital bed via skype. It was set up front-and-center so he could see everything! Hip replacement surgery was Sunday, so he has a long road ahead of him. Knowing the family genes....he's a fighter, and will recupe in no time!

In addition to lots of studio time, new creations, and fall walks with's been a beautiful fall. Hoping you enjoy all fall's wonders wherever you are in the world~  Carol and Rosie

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