Friday, January 8, 2010

~Just Fawnie and Me~

It was quite an adjustment when Jim went back to work on Monday. It was no longer, "Me and the Puppies"....but "Just Fawnie and Me". sigh.

He spent several days looking EVERYWHERE for Coconut: behind file cabinets, under the sofa, and in all Coconut's favorite hiding places. It broke my heart. If it's possible for a pup to be depressed...Fawnie is. He has sad-looking eyes and lays in his bed with his moosh over the side like he's mourning. I guess that's exactly what he's doing.

I took him with me to see my mom at the nursing home on Monday....but Tuesday when I ran to the grocery store....he let out long, high-pitched wails when he saw that I wasn't taking him with me. He's never been 'left' without Coconut, and was used to snuggling with him until we returned.

Finally, looks like he's stopped looking for his brother. He follows me everywhere. In the past, that was Coconut's self-designated 'job'. Fawnie was content to stay put in his little bed in the family room, while Coconut never left me out of his sight!

We are snowed-in here in Ohio. We've had 37" of snow here in the SnowBelt, and are expecting more tonite and tomorrow. It's been a wonderful week of re-organizing and designing new creations in between making pots of soup, chili and home-made desserts. Jim's been enjoying the delicious aromas that greet him each nite after traveling through the 'tundra' from work.

On tonite's agenda: a roaring fire, chili, salad, corn muffins, freshly-baked apple pie....and of course, cuddling with Fawnie on the sofa watching movies. So....wherever you are in the world.....Cuddle-up and stay warm~

Monday, January 4, 2010

~My Coconut Boy~1994-2009~

Dear Dad,

I know that you were there when Coconut crossed the Rainbow Bridge on New Year's Eve. You had such a special relationship with him. I know you loved each other.

He was such a special dog for the 15 years we were blessed to have him. As Jim always said, "He has such gentle eyes. You can see clear through to his soul".

We got him from a 'puppy mill' on Christmas Eve. When we first laid eyes on him, he was a strangly, dirty, 'gray' poodle (so we thought!) in a pen by himself. I didn't care about the dozens of 'new' puppies there. He looked up at me, our eyes locked, and I knew God was telling me to take him home. I told Jim to give the man whatever he wanted for him, because I wasn't leaving without him. (he was a year old...and they were going to use him for breeding) Poor Jim really thought I'd lost my mind.

The day after Christmas I took him to the vet, to find out he was a pure white poodle who had obviously been abused. We washed him til he turned white. The boys named him, 'Coconut', because he looked like mounds of coconut sticking out every which way. Much to the boys' chagrin, he bonded to me....never to leave my side. He was a wonderful dog.

He spent his last day on this earth quietly napping in his bed.....only to get up to follow me into the studio at times. He passed into heaven on New Year's my arms. Safe and sound. At home. Exactly where he should have taken his last breaths.

Dad...I kissed him for the last time, and told him to wait for me on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge....with you. I know you will look after him.

Thank you, Dad. I love you. And I miss you terribly.

xoxoxoxoxox To Heaven and Back~


P.S. Fawn's having a bad time. He is moping around the house. He's loving the extra hugs and kisses, but will be obese if we continue feeding him all these extra treats!!

P.S.S. We had the 'puppy mill' closed down shortly after buying Coconut. The man who was running it was prosecuted and sent to jail.