Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~Wednesday Blessings~

~My sister, Kathy, and Mom~

It's been an unreal state of pandemonium here at RoseCreekCottage lately!! Summer is trying desperately to surface amid the winds and rains. Many many blessings here:

~Mom turned 91. quietly. sleepingly. lovingly.

~a whirlwind 'Girls' Weekend' to Washington DC with much laughter, a few drinks, good food and much comraderie~

~lots of new books that finally made it from my Wish List to an actual 'stack' that are ready for Summer Reading~

~looking forward to seeing family in FL for some over-due visiting~

~Hilton Head Island with our grandbabies for some R&R and many hugs and kisses in between Banana Pancakes and oodles of cupcake baking~

~Amish Katie and 6 of her friends are at our villa in Hilton Head. She called to say they're having a ball!

~Happy Wednesday Blessings to you wherever you are in this world~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~Lilacs in the Studio~

The lilacs are blooming here in Ohio...and that can only mean that spring has finally arrived. Rosie and I have been working away at revamping out jewelry studio so we can hire more help.

Amish Katie spent the day yesterday helping out. She's SO very good at organizing and re-organizing space. She has a real 'eye' for it. We went over every inch of the studio. She'll be helping me several days a week from here on. I treasure my time with her. She truly invigorates my soul. You can read about how she 'danced' into our lives here. I'm so blessed that she is still here after all these years~~Thank you, Lord~

Looking forward:

~a 91st Birthday Celebration for Mom

~ a new website on the horizon

~a trip with my 'oldest' girlfriends this weekend

~an upcoming trip to Florida to see family

~a Hilton Head vacation with the kids and grandkids

~lots of new designs of sentimental hand stamped jewelry for moms, dads, (think Father's Day) grandmas, sisters, friends, etc, from RoseCreekCottage Studios

~Continued blessings everywhere. God is SO good~

Blessings to you wherever you are in this world~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~Wednesday Blessings~

There are so so many blessings this morning here at RoseCreekCottage:

~Our littlest grandbaby, Emilia, turned one. She's the happiest baby. You can't help but smile when you look at her. Truly God's miracle!!

~My little Amish friend, Katie, is here. I always enjoy my time with her. Her sense of humor and positive outlook on everything is so contagious. She and Jim kid each other endlessly. It is something to watch. And Rosie has declared Katie as one of her very favorite people!! Too cute!

~RoseCreekCottage will soon have a website! I never appreciated all that goes into setting one up!!

~The birds are chirping early in the morning once again!

~My lilacs are blooming and the air just 'smells' like spring!

~Rosie was spayed and gets her staples out tomorrow!!

~Life is so sweet!

May you have a 'sweet' spring day wherever you are in the world~

Saturday, May 7, 2011

~Mother's Day 2011~

Dear God,

I thank you for giving me my dear mother (she turns 91 this month) and for my Mother-in-Law....who I learned to love and cherish deeply. We had our ups-and-downs.....but we loved each other very much before she entered Your Kindgdom 9 years ago.

My Mother taught me so many things: how to sew, to clean, to cook....heck, I can even defrost a refrigerator with pans of boiling water and use liquid starch on dampened, rolled white shirts you store in the frig til their ready!! (thank you God for frost-free refrigerators and permanent press shirts!!) She taught me the value of an education, the importance of family, and how to love unconditionally.

She taught me to never give matter how hard the task-at-hand. She taught me to work hard.....that nothing worth anything comes easily. I have the work-ethic I do because of my Mother.

Although she has suffered these past years with alzheimer's, Lord, I know You are on that tough path with her. As much as I pray that You take her home so she doesn't suffer any more, I know that that is not Your plan....but mine.

Thank you for blessing me with the great honor of being the mother of the two most amazing sons ever. I know you just lent them to me for a short while....let me hold their hands for a bit ....but oh the wonderful joy they bring. I am SO very proud of both of them, for the great young men they've become, and the life-partners they were so wise to choose.

You made me wait a very long time for 'daughters'....but oh were they worth the wait!! Jackie is not only one of my sweetest gifts....but she is a beautiful mother to our three precious grandbabies!!

And Amy. Sigh. Amy makes me realize....without even knowing it....that you can never be close enough to Our Lord. She is the perfect addition to our ever-growing family~

Thank you, God, for all the blessings You continually bestow on me. I am ever-grateful~

Your Loving Daughter,


p.s. Please let all the Mothers in the world have a beautiful Mother's Day