Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~Lilacs in the Studio~

The lilacs are blooming here in Ohio...and that can only mean that spring has finally arrived. Rosie and I have been working away at revamping out jewelry studio so we can hire more help.

Amish Katie spent the day yesterday helping out. She's SO very good at organizing and re-organizing space. She has a real 'eye' for it. We went over every inch of the studio. She'll be helping me several days a week from here on. I treasure my time with her. She truly invigorates my soul. You can read about how she 'danced' into our lives here. I'm so blessed that she is still here after all these years~~Thank you, Lord~

Looking forward:

~a 91st Birthday Celebration for Mom

~ a new website on the horizon

~a trip with my 'oldest' girlfriends this weekend

~an upcoming trip to Florida to see family

~a Hilton Head vacation with the kids and grandkids

~lots of new designs of sentimental hand stamped jewelry for moms, dads, (think Father's Day) grandmas, sisters, friends, etc, from RoseCreekCottage Studios

~Continued blessings everywhere. God is SO good~

Blessings to you wherever you are in this world~


Lemon Shortbread said...

Lovely lilacs Carol and that is one mighty fine organized compartments! Read about Katie - really touching post!

Anonymous said...

Love the lighthearted step in your posts, Carol.. you have alot to look forward to on your horizon... so many blessings. Our friendship is one blessing that I cherish. xx oo Nel from Nebraska

Ballerina Girl said...

The lilacs were blooming here also...such a sweet smell!
Your studio looks good....hope you enjoy all of your vacations! We will be in Florida soon too :)