Monday, January 28, 2013

~Just An Ordinary Day - Six Weeks Later.....~

It's so easy to take things in life for granted....complaining about annoyances such as pokey drivers, lines at the bank, busy work schedules. But let me tell you that I will not be complaining about those things anytime soon. I never realized how much I took 'walking' for granted.

The day I fell was just 'an ordinary day.' Six weeks later, I can finally walk in the house without a cane. Taking steps is still painful....but its a small price to pay for being able to get a cup of coffee or a tissue without having to ask. God indeed slowed me down but good on that 'ordinary day'.He allowed me to recognize the people in my life who really love and care for me. The ones who call to check on me. The ones who send cards, food, flowers. He taught me to see the value of good friends: great to have around during the fun times...but so comforting in the hard times. He made me grateful for the blessing of 'an ordinary day'.

This morning a friend commented that she saw Jim in church over the weekend...but that he didn't even see her. I'm not surprised: he's exhausted. He puts in his 10 hrs. at work, then comes home to pick up the slack...doing all the things I can't: the cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands. This is one of those times when the part of the marriage vow, "......or worse" comes into play. It breaks my heart to see his fatigue. And yet, there is nothing I can do about it.

I've had lots of studio time to fill Valentine's Day orders during these January days. Time to create new designs. The studio has always been my 'safe haven'. My happy place. And in these weeks, I'm realizing that it is not only good for my mind....but good for my soul: I can be productive even without the ability to leave the house. For that, I am grateful for these 'ordinary days'.

With every New Year, we wonder what lies ahead, hoping the year will be a good one. Better than the last. Praying loved ones stay healthy. And happy. Remembering that life can change in a second, on any 'ordinary day'.

Rosie and I are in studio already...joined by my sister, Kathy's, puppy Poppy. She and her hubby are soaking up lots of Florida sunshine...hopefully bringing some back here to Ohio when they return.~ xoxoxox

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

~When God Throws Boulders~

God always knows how to get me attention. He first gives me little nudges that appear as little whispers. "Yeah, yeah, God. I know. You want me to slow down once all my orders are out. I will. Promise". Somehow...He always knows when I have no true intention of listening. When this happens...He throws rocks. When THAT doesn't get my attention.....He throws boulders. Like He has done now. Here's what happened:

I had shipped all my orders by Dec. 20th. Did a Power-Day of Christmas Shopping....came home to finish baking cookies.....and ran to see the decorations Jim was putting outside the front door. I slipped my stocking-feet into rubber clogs because he said it was wet outside. As I hurried towards the front door, the clogs caught on the edge of the backhall rug....and I was thrown up into the air.

Time seemed suspended as I saw my cornflower-blue-clogged feet up in the air in front of me. Knowing I was about to crash to the floor, landing on my left hip...some little angel whispered, "Don't try to buffer the fall with your left arm. It won't work...and you'll break it ALONG with your hip". I listened. Trying not to pass out from the pain, I screamed to Jim, sounding like that commercial on TV for the Life Alert pendant. Thankfully he heard me before I passed out.

The result: No broken bones. A torn adductor muscle, internal damage to the tissues, ligaments, etc. I couldn't put any weight on the left leg. Started out on a walker...and have now graduated to a pink cane.(yup...that's what you get when you send your husband to buy it)  I'm totally housebound as I don't dare to slip on the treacherous ice and snow. As my PT said, "Time is your friend".

So....God got my attention. He knew I had NO intention of slowing down. So He did it for me. You'd think I'd learn and listen to Him from the get-go. I'm trying, God, I'm trying. The stubborn Italian gene just isn't making it easy!!

Now I've slowed down, forced to rest....getting a chance to read the stack of books and magazines I've longingly glanced at the past few months. I thank all my beloved family and friends who have continued to check on me, bring food, flowers, and lots of love: to Jim, who has done everything from cooking, to cleaning, to bringing me Communion, catering to my every whim. sigh. LOVE him to death: to Rosie Girl, who doesn't leave my side, and sweetly, patiently lets me hobble in front of her from place-to-place: and especially to two little Amish girls who have dedicated themselves to helping me get back on my feet...and back to the studio....with love and much laughter~  xoxoxox

PS: Received this email from my cousin, Debbie M, who always knows how to make me laugh: "Hey Carol ahem could you um at least spice up the story a bit? Falling in the kitchen is not glamorous. Try this: I was wrestling bears on the icy slopes of the Himalayan Mountains when an avalanche broke free and knocked us all in a tumbling heap to the raging river below as a sailboat came by and knocked me up onto a boulder get the picture. No more of this "I fell in the kitchen". Weak."

 Thank you, Debbie! I needed that! xo

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~Here's To 2013~

New Year's Blessings to all our Family and Friends. Don't be afraid to 'drive' into the future. Go with your whole heart and with your eyes wide open. Don't miss a single second~

 Love, Carol, Rosie and All of Us at RoseCreekCottage Studios