Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~Pssst......It's Me, Ella~

Psssssst...... it's me.....Ella. Gramma an' Grampa are taking me an' my brother an' my mommy an' my daddy an' my Uncle Tom to the island. It's so fun there. I have my own room. Amy is workin' on finishin' up somethin' called her 'masters'. I wish she could come too. She's fun. Gramma said next time. sigh.

We're gonna make banana pancakes an' donuts an' ronies an' cheese an' swim in the ocean an' make sandcastles an' eat icees an' play games.

Gramma says she'll be back writin' on her blog an' makin' more dollies in June. Pssssst......don't tell 'er I told you but maybe I can cavince her to stay til the fireworks shoot in July. I'm a pretty good cavincer when it comes to Gramma. (don't tell her I told you, 'kay?)

Gotta go change outta my tutu an' go pack my suitcase with my bathin' suit an' flip-flops an' my dollies now. I will cavince Gramma to let me write a post when I come back. With pictures. It will be good. Promise. Bye-bye.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~Back to Business As Usual~

I haven't been around much this month, so thought I'd do a 'catch-up' post. May is flying by, and starting with Tom and Amy's Engagement last month....our family has rolled from one excitement to the next...filled with high school proms, college graduations, their parties, estate sales and antiquing, and of course....lots of time in the studio!

This past weekend, my niece, Katie, (not to be confused with my little Amish friend, Katie) went to the senior prom on Friday nite. Over 30 couples met at one of the girl's houses for pictures. Katie looked just elegant. Her date, though 'just a friend' we were told, was just dear. A perfect gentlemen. He will be off to the U of Toledo to study Pharmacy in the fall. Katie is finishing her sophomore year at of high school in our little town. (She's the one in the pale yellow dress) It was great fun to see all the guys and gals all dressed up. I know quite definitely why God gave me boys: I would NEVER have allowed a daughter of mine to wear some of those way-too-revealing dresses! What were their mothers thinking????

On Saturday, we were invited by Katie's sister, Maggie, to accompany her to the Baccalaureate Mass at John Carroll University. We went back to her Mom's house afterward for a BBQ, where we had the pleasure of being joined by Alison's (Maggie's good friend and fellow-JCU-graduate) family. They flew in from all over the country.

Sunday was a beautiful day for the graduation, which was held on the picturesque grounds of John Carroll. Maggie graduated Magna Cum Laude, and will continue on to law school come September. She's a beautiful, talented young lady that we are all so very proud of. She's worked hard at her accomplishments.

So....Monday it was "Back to Business As Usual", as Katie (yes, the amish Katie!) came. We talked, laughed, talked, sewed, cooked, talked....til late into the nite. When she left this morning, we both agreed we each had joyful spirits that should last us til our next visit!

This photo shows some of the Halloween Witch Angels we started on. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. The poor dears need their heads!!

Antique shops and estate sales in the area have been terrific. I've picked up lots of goodies, including lots of old cutter quilts to use for my vintage rabbits and santas. Now if those elves would truly stop by this year.....

I'm off to fill orders and begin packing for our upcoming vacation. So until then, it's 'Business As Usual' here at RoseCreekCottage Studios!

~I hope you each continue journeying through May with joyful spirits and full hearts~

Friday, May 8, 2009

~Mother's Day 2009~

Dearest Mom,

When I was little, I never imagined you’d grow old. Ever. After all…you were my mom: fearless, beautiful, smart. Sparkling and smiling. Strong.

You made me feel safe. And loved. Even when you were mad at me. I’m trying so hard to make you feel that way now.

It’s frightening to step into your room, not knowing ‘who’ I’ll find. Will it be the woman whose eyes twinkle when she sees me standing there….or the one who is scared and confused and begging me to tell her where she is and how she got there? Will I find the woman who has forgotten that her own mother passed away over 30 years ago, and asks why my father hasn’t been there to see her lately or the one who inquires about how the doll-making is coming along?

You were always so patient with me. And I’m trying so hard to be patient with you….when you can’t walk very quickly, or when you call and tell me you’ve been “waiting by the door for hours” for me, when we really had no plans to go anywhere. You get mad…and tell me, “We did SO. You just forgot, young lady”. It breaks my heart.

I try so hard to put myself in your shoes. To know the fear in your heart when you can’t remember where your home is....or the belief that you are “stuck at work and everyone’s left” and you have no way home. I can’t imagine the terror. I see it in your eyes whenever I try to reassure you that you are not at work…that you’ve been retired for over 30 years and that you ARE home. Safe. And loved. I can tell you feel anything but.

And now…shingles. Oh, Mom…..I am SO sorry this is happening to you. I have to admit that I’m mad at God right now. REALLY mad. I know I shouldn’t be…..but I am. Why God…WHY?

And so….this Mother’s Day…I can’t even send this to you, because I don’t want you to read this and see how bad things really are, and that you are suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Reading that would make the horror worse for you than it already is.

Just know that I love you with all my heart. And that I am here. Whenever you need me. Always. Just like you were for me.


Your Daughter Carol