Monday, September 28, 2009

~The Road Back to Stan Hywet's Ohio Mart 2009~

With Yankee Peddler's three weekends behind us, we are over-joyed at our sales, the old customers who are still out there, and the many new faces we are getting to know. We had great neighbors who became fast friends.....and we packed up everything last nite very tired, but very happy. Now, once again, I'm out of Vintage Rabbits, Cheeky Monkeys and too too much jewelry to mention. I'm working non-stop as set up for Stan Hywet's Ohio Mart is Wednesday. It begins on Thursday, Oct. 1st, and runs through Sunday, Oct. 4th. Read about my first year back there after an 8-year-hiatus here.

So....I'm in the studio today and tomorrow working on Rabbits, etc. I'm anxious to see my old and new customers there once again.

If you're anywhere near Akron, Ohio this coming week, stop by and say, "hello". It's a truly beautiful show~

Monday, September 14, 2009

~Yankee Peddler 1st Weekend Ramblings~ once again soak in the ambience from a weekend at Yankee Peddler was sheer heaven! The sites, sounds, aromas.....all very indicative of an age-gone-by. Jim and I wallowed in it for two beautiful, sunny indian summer days.

It is hard to say what I like most about YP.....but I'd have to say that one of the hilights, at least for me, is the comraderie between the artisans. As an artist, you just can't get enough of that. It's fun to hear how each of them schedule their days in-and-out of the studio during these fall shows. I learn so much from each of them. You have to really love what you do to live this kind of lifestyle...and sharing that 'electricity' that comes when creative souls meet is just invigorating. A true blessing.

We had the pleasure of reuniting with "The Michigan Girls", as we've so fondly called them over the years. And there they were, exclaiming, "Oh my God, they're back!!" which of course, makes all the hours of work worth it! It was SO SO good to see you again....minus one, who I hope will make it out to YP on next year's trek!!

We had visits from lots of sweet little ladies who delighted in picking out their own special Ragamuffin to take home and love. Here are just a few of them!

I'm totally out of Witchy Women, lambs and puppies, certain charm bracelets, truffles, and Cheeky Monkeys. So....I'd better pour another cup of coffee and head to the studio. May your week be as beautiful as our indian summer here in Ohio is right now....and may you be blessed enough to find that one special thing here on this earth that 'electrifies' YOUR soul~ Carol

Thursday, September 10, 2009

~Anticipation: Yankee Peddler 2009~

Activity in the woods at Yankee Peddler is in full-swing. Lots of pounding, sweating, and yup.....some swearing, too, as artisans complete the last-minute touches on their booths in anticipation of beautiful weather and record-breaking crowds this coming weekend....the first of three at Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton, Ohio. If you click on this link, you'll find a video that beautifully portrays the 'feel' of this great festival. Spread over 80 acres, people come from all over the United States to partake in not only the wonderful arts and crafts, but in the education, (everyone is demonstrating their craft) the delicious food, and the entertainment. It's a 'way of life' that Jim and I have missed these last years. Tommy grew up there, as we participated in YPF from the time he was in kindergarten. ( KNOW you're going to miss wearing those colonial costumes and the fresh strawberry shakes!) And we will miss him, too. (take a peak at Tommy in colonial garb when he was a little tyke at a long-ago Yankee Peddler HERE.

I've spent 12-13 hour days in my studio the past months preparing for this particular show. The amount of inventory needed for these crowds is daunting. There is always the 'Good News/Bad News' part of it: Good News if you run out of items....Bad News if you run out of items!! I've learned over 20+ years, that you need to have a great supply of 'pieces/parts' ready and waiting in the studio. At the end of each weekend, we inventory what we've sold....and get ready to work on finishing up the necessary dolls and jewelry for the next weekend. As you can imagine, we're pretty pooped at the end of this show.....but we'll be on to the next one as soon as we can catch our breath~

So.....if you're anywhere in the Ohio-PA-MI-VA areas in the next three weekends, and have never experienced Yankee Peddler Festival.....please stop by. You'll be SO glad you did! Oh....we're in The Glen....Booth 228. I'm looking forward to seeing my 'old' customers....and meeting many new ones.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

~Beautiful Ella~

What can I say? She was just born. Just yesterday. And now, she's 5. Five. I cannot believe it. She started kindergarten. The grade her grandma was in when she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She's beautiful. Sweet. Innocent. Smart. Did I say 'Sweet'? And I love her with all my heart.

My dear sweet grand-daughter. May you always be as happy, safe, secure, and loved as you are right now. Always and forever. Your loving Gramma xoxoxoxoxox

I'm so so behind in my life (!) right now. We did get down to see the kids and grandkids this week. They bought a new house...5 bedrooms/4 baths with an acre of land....a gorgeous pool...lighted and carpeted treehouse for the kids. And plenty of space for all of our family and Jackie's to come and stay all at the same time! Talk about blessings~

Jeff is finishing up the research for his dissertation. Dr. Jackie gave both Jim and I complete eye exams. Her office is beautiful. It was so fun to see her in action. She's so so good at what she does. She's keeping a close eye on Jim's macular degeneration.

Production for Yankee Peddler Festival is in full-swing. See my blogpost here:
Yankee Peddler Here We Come!

We drove out to see our booth this week. It needed a few final 'tweeks'. We're in a great spot...back in The Glen where we used to be. It feels SO like home to us to be back there again. We're thankful they were able to build a booth for us. It's perfect. We'll be starting to 'fill' it this week....and then let the party begin next weekend....the first of three.

I'll post more about it after this holiday weekend. Check out their site for more info: Yankee Peddler Festival.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend....wherever you are~