Thursday, September 10, 2009

~Anticipation: Yankee Peddler 2009~

Activity in the woods at Yankee Peddler is in full-swing. Lots of pounding, sweating, and yup.....some swearing, too, as artisans complete the last-minute touches on their booths in anticipation of beautiful weather and record-breaking crowds this coming weekend....the first of three at Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton, Ohio. If you click on this link, you'll find a video that beautifully portrays the 'feel' of this great festival. Spread over 80 acres, people come from all over the United States to partake in not only the wonderful arts and crafts, but in the education, (everyone is demonstrating their craft) the delicious food, and the entertainment. It's a 'way of life' that Jim and I have missed these last years. Tommy grew up there, as we participated in YPF from the time he was in kindergarten. ( KNOW you're going to miss wearing those colonial costumes and the fresh strawberry shakes!) And we will miss him, too. (take a peak at Tommy in colonial garb when he was a little tyke at a long-ago Yankee Peddler HERE.

I've spent 12-13 hour days in my studio the past months preparing for this particular show. The amount of inventory needed for these crowds is daunting. There is always the 'Good News/Bad News' part of it: Good News if you run out of items....Bad News if you run out of items!! I've learned over 20+ years, that you need to have a great supply of 'pieces/parts' ready and waiting in the studio. At the end of each weekend, we inventory what we've sold....and get ready to work on finishing up the necessary dolls and jewelry for the next weekend. As you can imagine, we're pretty pooped at the end of this show.....but we'll be on to the next one as soon as we can catch our breath~

So.....if you're anywhere in the Ohio-PA-MI-VA areas in the next three weekends, and have never experienced Yankee Peddler Festival.....please stop by. You'll be SO glad you did! Oh....we're in The Glen....Booth 228. I'm looking forward to seeing my 'old' customers....and meeting many new ones.


Nel from Nebraska said...

Oh... how exciting and fun this show must be. I loved the 9-patch quilt in the booth (as you probably would know). We've missed you sooo much, but know this is your passion and we know you'll be back when things lighten up.. your boss is an ogre. I wish in the worst way I could attend and your wares make me smile!! xx oo Nel

Mel said...

We'll catch you the second weekend my friend. Save something for me!

Luck and love!


Darlene said...

Ooooo I wish I was in that area because I would LOVE to go to that show!!! The booth looks so CUTE!! It sounds like a LOT of hard work mixed in with a LOT of fun too!

Anonymous said...

I second what Nel said and I also wish that I could attend. It sounds amazing! Your booth is beautiful and I know it will attract many. Wishing you lots of sales, great friendships rekindled, and smooth stress-free days this weekend. :o) Judie

Anonymous said...

Your boooth, as always, looks fabulous! You've really hit your creative stride, Carol. Wish I could be there to see you and your booth live and in person. Great job, sistah!

Marci said...

Sending tons of good wishes for a successful weekend! Maybe next year we should get together and "help" you!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, how absolutely delightful!!!! Best wishes to you as you travel!!! I'm sure your crafts will be snatched up by EVERYONE!!! You are so talented!!! ~Janine XO