Sunday, March 27, 2011

~Meet Rosie: Our New Blog Dog~

I didn't last long without a dog. Nope. It was way too quiet here at RoseCreekCottage. As much as I love my just wasn't as much fun with no little furry 4-pawed companions following me around. So......last Friday, Jim surprised me with Rosie: the best birthday present I can ever remember getting! She melted my heart as soon as I picked her up, and she nuzzled into my neck. I absolutely love her....and I can tell you that the feeling is mutual!!

She's 3 years old.....and belonged to our dog groomer. She bred Rosie twice, but says that Rosie is very 'needy': she craves attention and affection 24/7. She has a very busy grooming business, and couldn't give her the attention she needs. She knew that since I work at home, Rosie and I would be a match-made-in-heaven. She's a smart lady!

Rosie is a tiny toy poodle: she weighs 4 lbs. She had me wrapped around her little paw from the get-go...and now she's working on Jim! She sleeps right next to me with her little face on the edge of my pillow. She stays there all nite. Doesn't move. If I open my eyes in the middle of the nite....there she is with her brown puppy-dog eyes staring back at me. I'm in heaven!!

Rosie was trained to sit in her little round doggy bed on counters, she has a spot on the table right next to my workbench in the studio. The pounding and drilling doesn't bother her one bit: she snores away!!

She's a good 'traveler'. We've visited every pet store in town...the bank....nursing home.....she rides in a little doggy carrier tote I found on Amazon. It looks just like a purse, and if I say, "Rosie, hide"...she burrows down inside it....peaking out its mesh sides. She's an absolute doll!

Both residents and staff at the mom's nursing home are in love with her. They marvel at her teeny size. She curls up on my lap when I feed mom lunch. Mom smiles at her and told Uncle Joe, "She's so so small". goes on here at RoseCreekCottage. And it's finally starting to feel like normal again!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011~

Hoping you have a very Lucky St. Patrick's Day from everyone here at RoseCreekCottage Studios~Take Free Shipping on anything in my shop today and tomorrow by mentioning my Lucky St. Patrick's Day offer when you order~

Monday, March 14, 2011

~Monday Blessings~

The weekend-before-last, we went from this.....

To this........

It was wonderful spending my birthday by the sea….but oh so different this time: no kids, grand-kids, puppies. It’s very different without little puppy or baby faces greeting you whenever you come home! Sigh.

But….on to the Blessings:

~A birthday by the sea

~Sandy toes

~Walks by the ocean

~Winter Martinis at BoneFish in Hilton Head

~Flowering trees

~Daffodils and pansies everywhere

~Lunch at Truffles with John and Joyce. And seeing their place on the ocean at Harbor Town (I’m still dreaming about that d├ęcor, Joyce!)

~Being gone…and coming home. I love them both!

~Dinner in Wytheville at The Log House.... One of the most romantic places we’ve ever been to….ghosts and all!

~Reconnecting with a dear friend I’ve known since we each had our first sons ‘way back when'

~Planning some trips before bringing a new puppy into our lives

~~Being back in my studio on this Monday morning…..typing this blogpost and drinking coffee while looking out at this:

May you be blessed with lots of Monday Blessings, wherever you are in the world on this Monday in March~

Friday, March 4, 2011

~All My Children~

Lots of hustle-and-bustle around RoseCreekCottage Studios these days. New designs are on the workbench. Snow is still on the ground....but Spring is in our hearts~

One of my recent favorites is "All My Children": a hammered 3 disc necklace with room for up to 7 names and birthstones. I remember my mother's sewing machine humming along when I got home from school each day, and in the background on the television was the still popular soap opera, All My Children! I swear there are some of the same actors/actresses on there today!

Our own family is growing by leaps-and-bounds, so I understand why I've had many requests for a design that would hold children as well as grandchildren, so here's one that will hold lots of names and birthstones. Need even MORE room? Watch for new creations coming soon!!

Another favorite is a new rendition of one of our most popular pieces: the Four-Sided Swivel Pendant. On this one, the customer requested initials instead of names, which were too long for this particular design. It can also be customized with dates, words, ie. last name, Blessings, Love, etc. It's a beautiful keepsake~

And if you want something totally 'funky' and eclectic....try designing your very own version of our Mixed Metals necklace. I've had fun working with my customers creating these. This one was designed by a customer who is a mom and runner. She included the dates of the events she ran, along with a few phrases that meant something special to her: Sole sisters, and Hell on Heels! As with all our designs....the sky's the limit~

We're on our way to escape these snowy days....somewhere warm....a place we love....our home by the sea~

May you each find warmth and sunshine wherever you are in this world~