Friday, March 4, 2011

~All My Children~

Lots of hustle-and-bustle around RoseCreekCottage Studios these days. New designs are on the workbench. Snow is still on the ground....but Spring is in our hearts~

One of my recent favorites is "All My Children": a hammered 3 disc necklace with room for up to 7 names and birthstones. I remember my mother's sewing machine humming along when I got home from school each day, and in the background on the television was the still popular soap opera, All My Children! I swear there are some of the same actors/actresses on there today!

Our own family is growing by leaps-and-bounds, so I understand why I've had many requests for a design that would hold children as well as grandchildren, so here's one that will hold lots of names and birthstones. Need even MORE room? Watch for new creations coming soon!!

Another favorite is a new rendition of one of our most popular pieces: the Four-Sided Swivel Pendant. On this one, the customer requested initials instead of names, which were too long for this particular design. It can also be customized with dates, words, ie. last name, Blessings, Love, etc. It's a beautiful keepsake~

And if you want something totally 'funky' and eclectic....try designing your very own version of our Mixed Metals necklace. I've had fun working with my customers creating these. This one was designed by a customer who is a mom and runner. She included the dates of the events she ran, along with a few phrases that meant something special to her: Sole sisters, and Hell on Heels! As with all our designs....the sky's the limit~

We're on our way to escape these snowy days....somewhere warm....a place we love....our home by the sea~

May you each find warmth and sunshine wherever you are in this world~


Ballerina Girl said...

great new designs Carol..I still enjoy wearing mine and treasure knowing that it is from you!

Enjoy the sea
BG said...

Ahhhh....I'm so glad you enjoy it, BG! I WILL enjoy the sea!! Will catch up with you when I get back~xoxoxoxoxox

Mel said...

Ohhhh Carol...I think I could play in that workshop of yours for DAYS. Now go get some SUNSHINE!


Kat said...

Oooooo! I LOVE that top one. What a great idea!!!! :) said...

Thanks, Mel! Looking forward to Hope's party when we get back! xoxoxox said...

I knew you'd like it, Kat!!! xxoxox