Monday, March 14, 2011

~Monday Blessings~

The weekend-before-last, we went from this.....

To this........

It was wonderful spending my birthday by the sea….but oh so different this time: no kids, grand-kids, puppies. It’s very different without little puppy or baby faces greeting you whenever you come home! Sigh.

But….on to the Blessings:

~A birthday by the sea

~Sandy toes

~Walks by the ocean

~Winter Martinis at BoneFish in Hilton Head

~Flowering trees

~Daffodils and pansies everywhere

~Lunch at Truffles with John and Joyce. And seeing their place on the ocean at Harbor Town (I’m still dreaming about that décor, Joyce!)

~Being gone…and coming home. I love them both!

~Dinner in Wytheville at The Log House.... One of the most romantic places we’ve ever been to….ghosts and all!

~Reconnecting with a dear friend I’ve known since we each had our first sons ‘way back when'

~Planning some trips before bringing a new puppy into our lives

~~Being back in my studio on this Monday morning…..typing this blogpost and drinking coffee while looking out at this:

May you be blessed with lots of Monday Blessings, wherever you are in the world on this Monday in March~


Dolores said...

Sounds like a relaxing and wonderful vacation. Welcome home!

Kat said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful birthday! Just lovely! :)

Amy said...

Just popping in to catch up on your blog. Hope you are well and happy. I have been away from my blog with family commitments. Had a few spare moments to myself (for a change) and thought I would surf through some of my favorite haunts.

Darlene said...

Hi Carol,

I received your e-mail and I'm so sorry I haven't been on my blog. I'm sorry to hear about your beloved poodle passing. Our Chelsea passed away in February. She had a long, long wonderful life. We still have Lucy and she seems to be doing alright without her companion. All is well with my family and myself, just busy. I do need to post an update on my blog so everyone knows all is well. I will try to do that this week :) It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I agree that June will be a great time to bring a new puppy into your lives. Thanks so much for thinking about me. ♥

Anonymous said...
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joyce said...

Glad you liked the Log House!

Cassie Shella said...

Oh it sounds like you had such a lovely time - ahh warm weather and sunshine:) I hope the rest of your year is as good as your birthday.

Glenda said...

Sounds like a great vacation. Love the Bonefish at Hilton Head - one of our favorite places to eat. We're not too far away from Hilton Head to go for an occasional overnight trip. I've been so busy with my blog lately that I haven't had time to visit others. It's refreshing to get a glimpse into other people's lives.