Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

~Christmas Blessings to all our dear friends near and far from all of us here at RoseCreekCottage~

Photos: Our newest grand-daughter, Emilia Bay 8 mos.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~Filling Orders and Dreaming of A White Christmas~

Well....I finally had to cut off orders for hand stamped jewelry for Christmas delivery as of tonite! I'll be busy the next few days, and much to my husband's chagrin....he requested that I stop. Now. So that we can concentrate on Christmas. He's usually right. Well...he's always right. This time, for sure. So....I hope to be finished with these 14-hour-days by Friday....shipping the last of the orders on Saturday. And then....let the Christmas Rumpus begin~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

~RoseCreekCottage Etsy Shop on Hold Temporarily~

My Etsy shop is temporarily closed while we catch up on orders so there are no disappointed customers this Christmas~

We're expecting quite a winter storm this evening and into tomorrow. We're out in the country, and if we lose power, there will be no electricity, ie. no water, internet, printer. I just printed out over 70 labels for the next batch of orders to go out. I'm praying that doesn't happen~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

~It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...and Be Careful What You Pray For~

I know I know....I've neglected my blog lately. I have lots of friends and customers who have reminded me of that. Update: We're deluged with orders and working 12-14 hour days to fill them all. AND I have pneumonia again. My dr. tells me when I had it back in October I didn't rest enough and never totally got rid of it. He tried to make me promise I'd rest. I couldn't do that. Or I would have had to lie.

I prayed for this 'deluge'. Yup. All my fault. God listened. And now....I'm praying for elves. For about the tenth year-in-a-row. They haven't shown up yet....but 3 earthbound spirit ghosts did. In my studio. Not only did I hear them....but so did my two unrelated incidents. They have now been 'crossed over' into the light by the ghostbuster lady who was the consultant for the infamous "Ghost Whisperer" series that starred Jennifer Love Hewitt. I know they are now where they should be...hopefully in heaven with Our Lord. Thank you, Mary Ann.

Whether or not you believe in them, I found out WAY too much that could NOT have been found on the internet.....or in records. I have the entire courthouse in my county believing, too.

The story, in its entirety, will be for a later date~

I hope you are having a blessed Christmas month. I know we are, here at RoseCreekCottage~

p.s. Thank you, too, my blogger friend, Crystal, who lives in a haunted farmhouse in Northumberland, UK, for reaffirming what I already knew~xoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, November 25, 2010

~A Blessed Thanksgiving~

Bountiful Thanksgiving Blessings to all my family...both near and far....and to all the friends God has blessed me with. Thank you, Lord, for all the gifts you've bestowed on all of us~To You goes all the glory~Amen.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~Waitin' For the Postman~

The bears are waiting patiently by the front door for the postman to pick up the morning's packages. The last of the Ohio Mart and Nutcracker Sweets orders are on their way. I'm keeping on top of all the Etsy orders........not a small task~

RoseCreekCottage has been humming away into the wee hours of the morning these past few weeks. Between cups of Mocha Peppermint Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, (you can buy it at Target) my feet don't have time to hit the ground. My next show, Gifts From the Heart, is Sunday November 21st at Landerhaven Country Club, 10-5. See you there~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Wednesday Blessings~

It was SO nice to be back at Mrs. Claus' Closet last week in Westlake, OH. Even after 8 years of absence, my customers are STILL buying my creations!! Several women stood in my booth, teary-eyed....telling about the 'long-ago' Ragamuffin doll that someone had bought for them. And now...they're buying them for THEIR nieces, grand-daughters, etc. Heartwarming!! The photo shows Monica, whose nieces gave her an 'Aunt' Ragamuffin
doll about 15 years ago. She said it has dark curly hair just like hers! She's holding the 3 Cheeky Monkeys that her friend purchased. The Monkeys will be traveling to her 3 grandbabies in CA for Christmas!!

My next show is Gifts From the Heart at Landerhaven Country Club,Sunday, November 21st. It benefits the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Other blessings this week:

~Tis the Season....and I'm working to keep on top of orders! Even though I put in 12 hours yesterday....I was able to leave for 2 hours and go visit Mom!

~I don't even have to leave to go to the PO. The mailman picks up all the packages every day.....(big smile here!)

~Though my 'boss' is a driven, A-Type personality slave-driver and admitted workaholic, I'd rather work for her than anyone else I know!!

~I can work in my jammies sipping coffee all day if I want!

~Amish Katie is coming once-a-week again!

~Got to spend one-on-one time with my oldest son who came into town last weekend to go to the Browns Game with his dad and Uncle Chuck! (and yes....even at 35 yrs, I love to watch him sleep.....just like I did when he was a baby~)

~Mom is having an 'awake' week and is actually responding with one word answers!!!!

~Got to spend fun time with my SIL and BIL, Bob and Kathee, who were in town from Destin, FL. They experienced one heck of a snowstorm Saturday!!!

~It's beginning to 'smell' like winter outside and I LOVE it!~

~I absolutely LOVE what I do!!!!

Enjoy whatever this day holds for you. It's a present you can NEVER get back~Ciao.....Carol~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~Emilia Bay: Child of God~

Once again, the Lord has bestowed another blessing on us. On Sunday we had the honor of attending our 3rd grandchild's Christening. Sweet little Emilia Bay, born the end of April, was officially welcomed into the church. She was SO attentively good throughout the hour Mass that preceded the sacrament....that she fell SOUND asleep during the actual ceremony. She didn't even budge when the cold water was poured on her forehead. Yup....that is a TRUE Child of God!!!

Congratulations to our son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Amy, who are Emilia's Godparents. I cannot think of any couple on this earth who could do a better job!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

~Fall ~

The leaves on the trees in our yard are bursting with breathtaking color. Only God could create such beauty~

The apple orchards and fields here in the midwest are overflowing with this year's harvest of fruits and vegetables. I brought home a bushel of apples, as I do every fall, intending to peel, season and freeze dozens of bags of apples for winter pies and crisps. After fighting off pneumonia this past week....Jim took it upon himself to do it himself while I was coughing my way through the weekend. I can't thank God enough for this man! Not only is he my soulmate....but he LOVES to cook!! How lucky can a girl get?!

I'm off to a beautiful premier show, The Nutcracker Sweets, in quaint Aurora, OH. It is located at the Church in Aurora, and runs Friday 10-8 and Saturday 10-4. If you're in the area, this is a show you don't want to miss~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Tuesday Blessings~

Two successful shows down….four to go. Gate numbers for both shows were up from last were sales!!

Such a successful Heirloom Collection launch that I’m now shipping into November!

A dear, loving husband who proclaimed at the end of each show day: “I LOVE spending time with you at these shows”. My business wouldn’t be the success it is without him. He is my manager in charge of everything and anything I hate….which includes organizing the set-up and dismantling of the booths, handling the money, the master charges, the phone calls, supplies, the business ‘stuffs’. He sat last nite for many hours submitting master cards for me. I love you, Jim. Xoxoxoxoxoxox

Sarah….my little ‘Dog-Sitter Extraordinaire’ who gives Fawn the attention he needs while we’re at shows. Hugs to you, Sarah~

Little Amish Katie….who’s back in our lives again on a full-time basis….dancing and singing hymns as she works! Katie…..what can I say? It’s been 18 years since you ‘danced’ into our lives. She calms me down and has an incredible ability to keep me organized…which is no small feat!!

My artist ‘show’ friends who have kept us laughing through 20+ years of shows, lunches, and emails. Shows just wouldn’t be the same without them....especially to Paul and Jen….for keeping Jim on his toes....and to Pat for all the lunches, the laughter and the tears for the past 30 (!!) years.

My sweet customers who follow from show-to-show, always stopping to chat (and buy!).

Mom.....Who actually looked up at me yesterday, said my name aloud and SMILED!!! Small miracles.

My Sister....who at 55 years of age, retired from her 'first' career, and started her second career yesterday as a Reading Specialist. You GO Toots!!!

Last, but most important: God….who has blessed me with so many gifts, and continually guides me on this journey. To Him goes all the Glory~

I’m off to the studio, coffee cup in hand, to make more Cheeky Monkeys, Witchy Women, Vintage Hares, and charm bracelets for my next show: The Nutcracker Sweets, in Aurora, OH, Oct. 15-16.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~Wonderful World of Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet Hall~

We finished a third delightful weekend at Yankee Peddler last Sunday.....emptied the booth contents in our garage, and repacked things to set up in Akron at Stan Hywet yesterday. I'm in the studio creating Vintage Rabbits today in anticipation of Ohio Mart's 4-day show which runs from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. If you're in the area...stop by and say hello. We're in booth 34 in the Birch Boulevard Tent~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Yankee Peddler 2010: Two Weekends Down...One to Go~

We were blessed with a second beautiful weekend at Yankee Peddler Festival 2010. The weather was once again just perfect. The crowds were never-ending, and we sold non-stop....arriving home Sunday nite pooped but grateful. These are some photos from the weekend. I'm off to the studio. We are literally sold out of everything....including the inventory I had set aside for the last weekend. I'm still praying for those 'elves' to show up! Have a happy week. Stop by booth #214 in The Glen and say hello~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Yankee Peddler 2010: One Weekend Down...Two to Go~

What a beautiful first weekend at Yankee Peddler Festival! The weather was perfect: not too hot, not too cold. As Goldilocks says, "It was JUST right"! The crowds were non-stop. We had fun greeting new customers.....and many many 'old' ones. It warms my heart whenever someone stands in front of me and proclaims, "I have lots of your dolls. Some from 20 years know, the ones with the twine hair? I'm buying THIS one for MY daughter!" Full circle. First their moms bought them for they are buying them for THEIR children. It doesn't get much better than that!!

These two little sisters each picked out their favorite TuTu Cheeky Monkey. Even at these young ages, they know what they like! They are just TOO-TOO cute!

My new sterling silver Heirloom Collection Jewelry sold too well! I'm busy filling orders. I was happy to see it was so well-received.

My web-designer is working hard on my web site. I know I'm holding her up, but hope to have it up-and-running sometime next week. I'm very excited about the way it's coming out. (thank you, Ashley!!)

Stop by and say hello....we're there the next two weekends in Booth #214. I'm off to the studio to make more Tutus, Cheeky Monkeys, Vintage Rabbits....and more~

One of my youngest "fans". Her momma bought her a second Cheeky Monkey because she's so attached to the one she's holding that was purchased at YP last year, that her momma fears if they lose it, they'll be in BIG trouble!! Here she is pointing to the one she wants~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

~We're Off to Yankee Peddler~

We're headed to Yankee Peddler Festival at Clay's park in Canal Fulton OH. It is 3 weekends, Sept. 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 from 10:30 to 6 pm. Our booth is a new "SHADY" spot!! The sun last year was brutal. We're still in The Glen...Booth #214. Stop by and say hello.

This year we have Cheeky Tutu Monkeys that are totally adorable, Witchy Women, Ragamuffin dolls with hearts and poems, Vintage Hares, altered art Charm Bracelets, Truffle Necklaces for kids, Initial Hand Stamped "Create-Your-Own" necklaces for the kids, tweens and teens, Sweet Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Initial Necklaces with Pearls, and introducing our Custom Personalized Hand Stamped Heirloom Collection of fine Sterling Silver keepsakes.....just to mention a few of the creations I've been working on these past few months.

I think there is truly something for everyone!! See you at Yankee Peddler Festival at Clay's Park in Canal Fulton, OH. (come hungry....the food is AMAZING!)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Monday Blessings~First Grade....Eegads~

I can't believe Ella started First Grade on Friday. At a Catholic school, no less. Be still my heart!! I'm so happy that Jackie and Jeff made the decision to send her to Immaculate Conception. She joins many of her friends....and one in particular who has been her 'best friend' since she was 3: Taylor! And they're in the same class. My little grand-daughter is in seventh heaven!! She's so beautiful, inside and out. I hope God keeps her this way for a VERY long time~

Happy Monday, wherever you are in the world~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~I Know I Know....I Haven't Posted In A While~

Thank you all for your dear emails. Things are fine here at RoseCreekCottage. Just extremely busy.

I'm sorry to say we had to bow out of Shaker Woods Festival this year. Way too many things on our plates here. It's a super 3-weekend show in Colombiana, Ohio. It runs 2 more weekends: Aug. 21-22, and Aug. 28-29. I believe the wonderful promoters, Sue and Sam Ferguson....and Lana...were able to find someone to rent our it won't be empty....but you won't find us there!

We will see you at Yankee Peddler Festival located in Canal Fulton, Ohio, 3 weekends in September, beginning Sept. 11th.

Please keep my Mom in your prayers. Hospice is still with her~

Blessings to you, wherever you are in this world~Carol

Monday, July 26, 2010

~Monday Blessings.....Too Many To List~

This morning, I find myself full of thanksgiving and praise. My life is so full of the Lord's blessings.

Jim surprised me with an armful of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen. 40 of them!! I have had fun giving them away: some to Mom at the nursing home, some to Aunt Grace, some to Amy for her 2 week anniversary, etc. We agreed that we're happier now than we've ever been!!

We dined outside on the water at Pickle Bill's with Tom and Amy and received a beautiful collage frame that says, "Live, Laugh, Love" with photos of all of us from the wedding. It's beautiful.

Saturday nite, our kids joined forces with the Murphys and combined with their annual Pig Roast, had a surprise 40th Anniversay Party for us. We were shocked, touched, and very grateful that there were so many people there to celebrate with us. God has been SO good to us.

My Heirloom Jewelry Collection is keeping me busier than I could ever have imagined! New designs are posted daily. I'm in the process of working on a stay tuned!!

Monday Blessings to all of you this beautiful July morning~

Friday, July 16, 2010

~Fingerprint Friday: New Beginnings and A Celebration of 40 Years~

There's a song by Stephen Curtis Chapman that goes:

I can see the fingerprints of God

When I look at you.

I can see the fingerprints of God

And I know it's true.

You're a masterpiece

That all creation quietly applauds

And you're covered with the fingerprints of God.

A beautiful day....a new chapter for both my son and new 'daughter'. A new chapter for us. As we celebrate 40 years of marriage....our two children begin the first year of their first 40 years together. Truly God's Fingerprints on these young newlyweds....and on us. None of it could have happened without Him. God is good~

Stop over at Beki's blog to read more Fingerprints~

Monday, July 12, 2010

~Monday Blessings: Married At Last and A New Daughter~

Ahhhhhh.....I waited a long time for my first 'daughter'. Jackie and Jeff have now been married 8 years and have blessed us with 3 grand-babies. And now....a second 'daughter'!!! Amy and Tom were married last weekend. They planned the entire weekend....from the Open House at their new home Friday the beautiful marriage ceremony con-celebrated by three the magical reception. Everyone said is was "the most fun wedding we've ever been to". I know I will remember every detail all the days of my life. Amy looked beautiful....Tom, so very handsome....both of them so totally in love. They have their whole lives ahead of them right now.....and Jim and I not only get to 'watch' it unfold....but we get to be a part of it. Talk about blessings!!!!

More wedding photos to come~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~Weddings and Tutus and Monkeys, Oh My~

The wedding is now only 11 days away. I'm working on finishing up Amy's veil today. Along with shipping out 8 jewelry orders. And seeing Mom. And my Aunt Grace, who we moved into the same place Mom is at this past weekend. And making more Cheeky Tutu Monkeys and Tutus for little girls, as my first 3-weekend show begins in August~

The nightmare of all nightmares happened last week: I shipped the wrong necklace which was meant to be given at a shower on Saturday. This is the second time in 8 years that I've done this. I feel awful about it, and am waiting to hear back from the customer....and the OTHER customer, too. sigh.

So....I'm off to the nursing home.....and then the studio this morning....waiting for the gray clouds to clear and let the sun shine. May it be sunny wherever YOU are in the world today~

Monday, June 14, 2010

~Monday Blessings~

June is "busting out all over", and so are the blessings here at RoseCreekCottage:

~Amy's bridal shower was a huge success. She and Tom received many beautiful gifts to help them set up housekeeping in this 'almost' new chapter of their lives.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amy and her Flower Girl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~Mom turned 90...quietly. She continues to sleep much of the time. During her 2 hour party, she was awake about 4 minutes~

~Amy's sister, Allison, is here to for the month to help Amy and Tom with final wedding preparations. I've threatened to hire her full-time and not let her go back to college in August. She's getting so much done!!

~My new hand stamped jewelry line, The Heirloom Collection, has taken off!! I'm struggling to keep up with the orders in addition to working on product for my upcoming fall shows.

~We're looking forward to all the friends and family who will be flying in to join us in celebrating Tom and Amy's wedding over the Fourth-of-July Weekend.

~I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and need to head to the studio, and then to visit Mom. Have a glorious week wherever you are in this beautiful world~ Carol

Monday, May 17, 2010

~Monday Blessings~

Ahhhh....Monday again, and lots to be thankful for again~

Mama and Emilia are doing well. Jackie can 'officially' drive this week, which makes everything easier!

Tom and Amy's wedding plans are going along well. We tasted the wedding cake yesterday and it was delicious. Now the happy couple just needs to make the final design selections.

We went to John Carroll with them yesterday to see the layout of the reception area. It's just beautiful....outdoor balconies, absolutely beautiful venue for a wedding reception!

Shower plans are being finalized. It will be held at a beautiful inn.

I've finally launched my new Heirloom Collection of hand stamped sterling silver jewelry. I love it!! Sentimental memory-makers, each piece is personalized and is sure to be treasured forever. All pieces are sterling silver. Birthstones are Swarovski crystal....and each letter or design is hand stamped one-letter-at-a-time. Beautifully unique. Take a peak at my Etsy Shop. I'll be adding new designs daily~

Have a wonderfully Blessed Monday. Remember to count your blessings~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

~Introducing A New Grand-Daughter~

Introducing our latest grandchild: Emilia Bay. She's beautiful and looks exactly like her big sister, Ella, looked at birth.....except that she has dark dark hair. Her eyes are light blue...even lighter than Ella's were. She was welcomed home by her big sister and big brother, who jumped at the chance to hold her whenever they can: Jackson, at 2, for short little spurts....but Ella, at 5, for sometimes an hour-at-a-time.

Jackie is on her way to recovering from her c-section. Emilia nurses quite a bit more often than her mama would like at this point. She was smaller than her sister and brother, and is already gaining weight since her birth 10 days ago.

I was so honored to go down and spend time helping out. I drove Ella to and from the bus stop each morning and afternoon....and will miss watching her climb down the stairs to the bus at the end of each kindergarten day with her headband askew, socks sagging, hair flying, with a huge smile on that sweet little face! We made paper doll dresses out of pressed flowers, 'danced' princess stickers down the ballroom steps time-and-time again......polished nails, and spent time swinging on the swings and picking flowers for her mom and her teacher.

She took me by surprise, when while tucking her into bed the first nite I was there, she asked, " did Emilia get into my Mom's tummy?". Oh boy....I quickly explained to her that God put her there. He's like "magic". She quickly looked skyward and whispered, "Thank you, God". And then added, "Will He put a baby in MY tummy?". Oh my. I could tell it worried her. "NO.....I must be married to someone you love first". "Oh", she answered....and with that I kissed her good nite, shut the door, and leaned against it in the hallway before skipping down the steps. She's a smart little cookie!!

Jackson is into all the "I Spy" books....and I can tell you we read them each at LEAST a hundred times!!! He even carries them up to bed with him. His favorite phrase, "No way" when he doesn't want to do something. He looks exactly like a Hummel figurine!

And Emilia? An angel here on earth. No crying. Just long periods of sleep...and then wide-open blue eyes looking around at her new 'home'. I just couldn't get enough of holding her...or that sweet baby 'smell'. I couldn't help but wonder if she remembers heaven. I am sure they are missing her!!

I am so blessed to have a daughter-in-law who has made sure that both Jim and I have had a chance to 'bond' with each of our grandbabies soon after their births. I cannot thank her...or love her....enough for that!

I will drive down there again. Often. 2 1/2 hours is not at all far for this Grandma to go to spend precious time with these three little angels. And in between....I will be missing all their smiles...and oh......those sweet hugs and kisses that only they can give so unconditionally~

Happy Mother's Day to all my blogger friends out there....from one happy but 'pooped-out' Grandma~

P.S. Does anyone know if they still make Geritol??!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

~To the Sea....Just the Two Of Us~

There's a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "Fingerprints", that goes:

"I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know it's true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God."

God's fingerprints continue to show themselves throughout our lives. For Jim and I, we started out "just the two of us", and after raising two boys, it's "just the two of us" again.

Some people think this 'empty nesting' is sad. There are parts that are. But now, it's time for us again....just the way God had us start out. Here we are again like we were in the beginning.....full circle.

Today we head to our place at the kids, no 'friends' of kids, no moms, no grandchildren. Will we miss them? You bet! We'll miss the sandcastles, the banana pancakes, eating chinese food around the coffee table, board games, piles of wet beach towels, little sandy toes and bottoms. Yes....we'll miss them. Will we still enjoy ourselves?? OH yeah!!

We've been taking these trips to the island for 18 years. And whenever we were about to cross the bridge to the island, we listened to Carly Simon's "Never Been Gone":

The wind is coming up strong and fast
And the moon is smiling on me
Miles from nowhere so small at last
In between the sky and the sea

I'm bound for the island
The tide is with me
I think I can make it before dawn
It's night on the ocean
I'm going home
And it feels like I've never
I've never been gone

Seagulls cry and the hills are green
And my friends are waiting for me
Great ambition is all a dream
Let me drown my pride in the sea -

I'm bound for the ocean
The tide is with me
I think I can make it by dawn
It's night on the ocean
I'm going home
And it feels like I've never
I've never been gone
Oh it feels like I've never
I've never been gone

And that is just the way it always feels: like we’ve never been gone.

After watching the sun rise and set over the ocean, long walks on the beach, lots of talking, bike rides, shopping, lots of fresh lobster and crab.....many margaritas and pina coladas later……just the two of us....we’ll be ready to ‘rejoin’ the hustle-bustle of life back home once again.

After leaving our island retreat, we’re headed to meet our new grand-daughter, who is due to arrive (via caesarean section) on April 29th. Talk about Fingerprints!! Life doesn’t get much better than this~

Have a beautiful week….wherever you are in this world~

Stop over to Beki’s blog to read more Fingerprints.

Monday, April 19, 2010

~Monday Blessings~

Our Ella Layne at 20 mos.....she's now 5, and will soon be a Big Sister not only to her 2-year-old brother, Jackson, but to her new sister.

~Spring has finally arrived here in Ohio. Daffodils, tulips and flowering trees are everywhere.

~Our 3rd Grandbaby is scheduled to arrive on April 3oth. We can't wait to welcome this new little girl to our family.

~Putting the final touches on my new line of jewelry.

~Working on lots of TuTu Cute Cheeky Monkeys for my fall shows.

~Just had the outside of the house looks 'new' again.

~Making final arrangements for Amy's Bridal Shower.

~Listening to all the exciting plans Tom and Amy are making for their upcoming July wedding.

~Adjusting to the new medication (Victoza) for my insulin resistance. My stomach hurts terribly. I can't eat. ugh.

~Can hardly wait to stick my toes into the ocean come Saturday~

~Hoping that each of you are counting the many Monday Blessings in your lives~