Monday, July 12, 2010

~Monday Blessings: Married At Last and A New Daughter~

Ahhhhhh.....I waited a long time for my first 'daughter'. Jackie and Jeff have now been married 8 years and have blessed us with 3 grand-babies. And now....a second 'daughter'!!! Amy and Tom were married last weekend. They planned the entire weekend....from the Open House at their new home Friday the beautiful marriage ceremony con-celebrated by three the magical reception. Everyone said is was "the most fun wedding we've ever been to". I know I will remember every detail all the days of my life. Amy looked beautiful....Tom, so very handsome....both of them so totally in love. They have their whole lives ahead of them right now.....and Jim and I not only get to 'watch' it unfold....but we get to be a part of it. Talk about blessings!!!!

More wedding photos to come~


Vicki said...

What a radiantly beautiful couple! So happy for them and for you! Blessings, Vicki

Lynne Bolar Clark said...

An absolutely gorgeous couple! Congratulations to your whole family!!!

Duni said...

What a stunning couple. Really beautiful...wish them a wonderful life together!