Thursday, December 9, 2010

~It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...and Be Careful What You Pray For~

I know I know....I've neglected my blog lately. I have lots of friends and customers who have reminded me of that. Update: We're deluged with orders and working 12-14 hour days to fill them all. AND I have pneumonia again. My dr. tells me when I had it back in October I didn't rest enough and never totally got rid of it. He tried to make me promise I'd rest. I couldn't do that. Or I would have had to lie.

I prayed for this 'deluge'. Yup. All my fault. God listened. And now....I'm praying for elves. For about the tenth year-in-a-row. They haven't shown up yet....but 3 earthbound spirit ghosts did. In my studio. Not only did I hear them....but so did my two unrelated incidents. They have now been 'crossed over' into the light by the ghostbuster lady who was the consultant for the infamous "Ghost Whisperer" series that starred Jennifer Love Hewitt. I know they are now where they should be...hopefully in heaven with Our Lord. Thank you, Mary Ann.

Whether or not you believe in them, I found out WAY too much that could NOT have been found on the internet.....or in records. I have the entire courthouse in my county believing, too.

The story, in its entirety, will be for a later date~

I hope you are having a blessed Christmas month. I know we are, here at RoseCreekCottage~

p.s. Thank you, too, my blogger friend, Crystal, who lives in a haunted farmhouse in Northumberland, UK, for reaffirming what I already knew~xoxoxoxoxox


Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning me in this post. It's wonderful to hear the spirits, always makes me feel do much comfort knowing I'm never alone.

So sorry to hear about the pneumonia. You really must rest now and remember that our life here on the earth plane is only a fraction of that on the astral plane. And we have a lot of living to do in order to make the most of our next journey.

Take care. CJ xx

Jules~ said...

Pneumonia?....That is awful. I can tell you still have your wit and humor though with not making any promises. Please be careful to not get more sick. As a matter of fact, Father God right now I ask for your healing hands to be on Carol. Make her breathing to come easy and her energy to be steady so she can do the important things of this season like enjoy her family and blessings all around. Also send her helping hands to finish those special orders.

I wish I lived closer and could help you get things done.
God bless you today.

Ballerina Girl said...

your cottage looks beautiful in the snow!
I hope that you feel better soon and that your orders are coming easily to you!


JaMean said...

Oh dear, you sound like me! :( Pneumonia is NOT fun, but it takes a lot to really keep me doen, and I did the same as you. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Especially near Christmas! :)

Juls~ said...

Hi Carol!

I used to get sick all the time with sore throat, sinus infections, colds. I started taking vitamins daily, additional C, D, E, A and B-Complex, Fish Oil. Didn't get sick for two years. I also held off on antibiotics, although I know you can't with pneumonia right now. I believe that they played a role. And worked on rebuilding my immune system with probiotics like Activia, etc...

When you are workin 24/7, stressed, not resting well, it's so easy to get run down. Plus, with family around, you know how that goes - my daughter works at a daycare and gets colds all the time!

Watch the Vitamin D and check with the pharmacist on safe levels.

Hope you are feeling much better now!