Monday, July 7, 2008

~New Creations~

~Back in the Studio~

I've been creating like crazy these days....trying to keep items on both sales sites, as well as setting stock aside for three upcoming fall shows. It was necessary to set my business aside 6 years ago, when both my parents became ill. Dad passed away 5 years ago, and Mom lived with us on-and-off from then on. As she began to require more and more assistance, taking care of her became impossible for us. Last year, we moved her into a beautiful assisted living facility. It ended up being a gift from God. She's happy, I'm happy, and it's time to resurrect my business. My body seems to be fighting me all the way, as my energy levels and bones are older! For 20+ years, I did between 20 and 30 art shows a year, in addition to wholesale shows around the country. It was a lot back then.....but right seems daunting! How did I ever do it?? With two boys headed to college, the choice was clear. But now? Going into the retirement years?? I just don't know. Time will tell. My heart is willing. I get great joy out of creating. Working in my studio makes my heart sing. Can I do this again? Time will tell.


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Unknown said...

Carol Rose, Oh my gosh what an adorable bracelet.. I'm crazy about Raggedy Ann & Andy!! How they make me smile.
I just visited your Etsy shop and your pieces are FABULOUS!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}