Monday, January 5, 2009

~Stepping Into A New Year~

Stepping into a New Year conjures up all sorts of emotions: Excitement, Trepidation, Hope, Joy, Fear, Uncertainty. It's a New Beginning. A clean slate. A fresh start. 2008 brought many joys to our family:

We had Mom with us for another year. (thank you, Lord)

Our sons and daughter-in-law are healthy, happy and successful in their life endeavors.

Our two grandchildren are growing into amazing little souls. (the photo shows Jackson taking his first steps at Grandma's house!)

We celebrated two weddings, welcoming two new 'nieces' into our ever-growing family.

My newly-resurrected business 'took flight' beyond my wildest dreams.

I celebrated my 60th birthday with six of my closest friends who flew us all to Chicago for a day of whirlwind site-seeing, shopping and lunch at the American Girl Co. (thank you all xoxoxo)

Along with the joys, came the sadness of losing my Aunt Kay, who was my mother's best friend. She lived a good 88 years and touched many lives during her stay here on this earth. She was an integral part of my life. I know that heaven has a special new angel. (watch for a blogpost about her later in the week) all my family and friends....real, cyber, et al......A Happy, Healthy 2009. Remember: Life is what you make it!

Have a joyous First Week of 2009...wherever you are in the world.


Suldog said...

A happy and healthy year ahead for you, I pray. Nice to remember all of the good things, and even the passing of someone near reminds you of the beauty of having known that person. Very good, indeed.

Carol said...

Thank you, Jim! You are so right...I need to remember the beauty of her! Happy New Year to you, too!

Woman in a Window said...

First steps do certainly hold so much, don't they? I'm leaning toward the positive this year. Best to you in the New Year, Carol!

(Oh, and that photo of your tree, again, I'm struck with how beautiful it is.)

Carol said...

May you find only positive 'stuff' in your life this year, dear Erin!!

(That tree is my favorite. It stands in the dining room window, and holds the ornaments of my parents and grandparents' trees. Talk about memorable 'stuff'!)

Sandi McBride said...

Carol, what a lovely post...and happy time have them send you to SC...say Myrtle Beach...we'll meet and shop and have tea...and hit the beach!

Anonymous said...

May you have a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year, dear one!

Carol said...

Sandi...Hmmmm....That sounds like fun!

Carol said...

Kathi...The same to you and your boyz!

Cindy said...

What beautiful memories! Thanks for making a spot for me on your blog and for your compliment!

Carol said...

You are so welcome, Cindy!

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Wonderful post Carol! Happy Birthday to you!
And I hope 2009 brings you and your family only wonderful things! X

Hilary said...

Lovely wishes, Carol. I hope 2009 brings you much happiness, joy and success. Happy New Year to you and yours.

FickleMinded said...

hello, thanks for stopping by my blog and I will definitely add you to my EC fav list, by the way, I like your stuff on etsy, do you do custom made, all I want is letter W,then my name on those scrabble tiles, I hope you understand wht I mean.Thanks!

San said...

Your 2008 was rich with blessings and love. May 2009 embrace you with its potential and bring your dreams into fruition!

Jackson is quite the handsome fellow by the way. :-D

Lee said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Carol! That trip to Chicago sounds so fun! You have fantastic friends! Thanks for stopping by to share your Tarot quiz results! I'm delighted that we share the same card! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation marks! LOL!!!


Ballerina Girl said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!
I remember the first steps of my fun!

Jules~ said...

Happy New Year to you too!
I love how you took count and summed up all of your blessings. You did indeed have a year of joy and a heart full of memories.

Mommy said...

Great photo - love the thoughts too.

Happy New Year.

Sarah said...

what a lovely post...and i love that picture. so many hands!