Sunday, January 11, 2009

~I've Been Tagged~

I've been tagged by a sweet little miss named Chesteney, who writes a blog called, "Decaffinated: Chronicles Of A Milk-Drinking Diva". Chesteney....I want you to know that I've been tagged a bit....and probably have some bloggers mad at me for not linking back to them and playing along, but I think that this is such a special award, given to you by Reverand Mar Mathias Darin, that I wanted to play along with you! So.....I have to:

*post the award picture
*link to the person who tagged me (Chesteney)
*tag more people to pass it on to (I'm cheating and only passing it on to 4!)

I pass this to:

Artsy Clay

If they wish to play along, they can do the three *ed things in the list above!

Chesteney....Thank you for passing this on to me. I think you are such a lucky young lady to have a mom who is helping you blog at your tender age!! You are both very blessed! xoxoxox Grandma Carol


Ballerina Girl said...

congratulations on your great award...I love the saying!

Chesteney said...

Thank you for posting this, Grandma Carol! Have a great week! *hugs*

Mel said...

Ah shucks Carol! And today I just posted a big old rant too! ") Thank you my friend.