Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~Wednesday Blessings~

So many much to be thankful for. These are my latest ones:

~a visit from my friend, Susie, from Arizona. We met at Browning Elementary School long ago. Susie taught 6th grade....I taught 3rd. We've been friends now for over 40 years. I love her dearly~

~looking forward to a day with my sweet cousin, Diane. There are never enough hours in the day for all we talk about: family, jobs, spirituality, religion.......never enough time...but her visits always makes me look SO forward to the next one~

~walking with Rosie again. Those walks stopped when they were unsure whether my aneurysm could rupture. I was afraid. Not anymore~

~one more "Play Date" with my sister and Poppy before she starts teaching again. sigh. There will still be dinners....but oh how I'll miss the 'girl talk' with her...the giggling, the silliness.....the memories of  Mom and Dad....and Dan...that make us smile....and remember~

~cooler temperatures and less need for watering the perennials. YAY~

~adding even more days in the studio with help from Katie and Fannie,  as the orders have started mounting more quickly this year even before Fall sets in~

~feeling SO blessed. Thank you, God!

Those are my blessings this Wednesday. What are yours???


Kat said...

What wonderful Wednesday blessings. :)

My dearest daughter turned 3 on Wednesday. :) Blessings.

Poppy's Mommy said...

Hey! Just cuz school starts again doesn't mean the 'girl talks' end! They just get shifted to a different time of day!! (Poppy can't wait til tomorrow!!)

Dolores said...

Friends and relatives are such a blessing...... and I consider you, my friend who I've never met... my valued friend...
God is good