Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~August Blessings~

Each year, August brings so many blessings to my life...

~Sweet grandchildren who are "Instant Sunshine".....always~

~Hearing from 'old' friends again (debbie s.....love you!)

~Tanned toes.


~Freshly squeezed lemonade.

~Iced coffee.

~LOTS of zucchini: breads, fritters, casseroles....yum!

~Sweet corn and juicy tomatoes straight from Katie's garden.

~Perennial gardens filled with beautiful blossoms, in spite of this summer's dry heat! Watering morning and nite soothes the soul and lets the mind wander to long-ago childhood memories.

~Missing Mom, but finally at peace with knowing she is in a better place....waiting for us.

~Having time to entertain again....and spending hot summer days with friends.

~Afternoon puppy 'Play Dates' with Rosie, my sister and Poppy. LOVE them...xoxxoxoox~

~Icy cold, seedless watermelon.

~Time in the hammock with Rosie and my stack of summer books

~Fields of sunflowers blooming all over the midwest echoing God's great Glory~

~Just 'being here'....healthy, happy, blessed.

Have a glorious August Day wherever you are in the world......Carol and Rosie~


Sandi McBride said...

yes, all those blessings and more we never consider...great list

Poppy's Mommy said...

Love you MORE! <3

XOXOXO, Marci said...

:-D that's a BIG smile! All good stuff!

Kat said...

Wonderful blessings, indeed.
Always good and wise to count our blessings. :)

Lynne Bolar Clark said...

Except for the iced coffee and spending time reading, I'm there! Why is it that we don't take time out to just sit and read more? I'm guessing your rehab had something to do with it, but I hope you're one of those people who make that time for themselves regularly. What are my chances? :)


Debbie said...

You do, indeed have a blessed life. I'm blessed to have you in mine. ~ Debbie

Anonymous said...

Loved your update Carol... you have the most beautiful grandbabies I've ever seen! Well.. except for MY three!
We need to talk about our next get-together .. girlfriends are the best! xx oo Nel

Dolores said...

Oh Carol, I love this happy post!!! So many blessings, indeed!!
Sweet picture of two cuties....