Monday, August 13, 2012

Shifting Gears~

I had been ‘shifting’ through life in the same gear for a long time. Ten years to be exact. Those ‘shift’ of gears revolved around my Mom. I was shifting in the same gear day-after-day, year-after-year. It was comfortable. But now I find I can’t rely on that same gear any longer. The landscape flew by way too quickly during those years. The busyness of my business, raising my sons, and caring for mom took all my time.The gear was 'stuck'.

Shifting gears in my life these days has been difficult. Mom’s death was a HUGE bump in the road for me. The days that no longer involve that mid-day visit to go see her is causing sadness and much ‘guilt’ as I’m realizing that in addition to missing it….I’m easily filling those time slots with  other ‘things’. Not that those ‘things’ are bad. I can more easily fit in work time and even some casual ‘friend’ time into my days that I couldn’t…or didn’t….fit into them before.  I can easily fit in exercise time, and even READING time….. on the deck, curled up in my cushy floral chair,  or in the hammock with Rosie. Shifting gears may not be so bad after all. Would I like to ‘shift’ back into the old gears with my Mom? Absolutely. But I no longer have that choice. So….shifting forward…and at times slower….is a good thing!

Wishing you a beautiful Monday of  “shifting gears”, and slowing down along the way to admire the landscape~ 

Carol and Rosie xoxoxo


Dressy GirlK said...
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Dressy GirlK said...

Best of luck on shifting Gears Carol :)

Marci said...

I think we have to change gears willingly and enthusiastically - at least try! You're a good gear-shifter, Carol!!

Lynne said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I've shifted gears since our move last year, but I haven't quite found the gear I want to be in. I'm not getting much of anything done lately, but I'm giving myself permission not to for a while. But soon I've got to start being more productive... somehow.

So glad you're enjoying your new found time. You deserve to!

Carol said...

Thank you, Kami!!

You're right, Marci. It's just not always easy, ya know?!

Lynne....I think YOU'RE a good gear-shifter, my dear!!

Kat said...

I understand the guilt over enjoying having that time to yourself, that you used to share with mom, but I think your mom would be so happy to see that you are now taking time for yourself. Enjoy your life and be happy and your mom will be pleased. :)