Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~Turning Eight~

 My sweet granddaughter, Ella, turned eight yesterday. She's in the third grade. Her daddy commented last nite on FB that he couldn't believe it. And that he felt SO old. My comment back to him: "You think YOU feel old? I remember just yesterday that YOU were eight!".

She lives in the world of princesses. Of soccer games. Of best friends. She loves her siblings...although sometimes it may be hard to believe. She loves  swimming...the ocean....her parents. She loves art, and sleepovers, and soccer. When  asked what she wanted this year for her birthday, she said she is saving money for an ipod touch. sigh. I'm hoping she won't outgrow the princesses and Barbie dolls anytime soon.

And so, we celebrate sweet Ella. All girly-girl, all sweet and innocent. My dear dear Ella....may you stay this way for a very long time~

I love you.

Grandma xoxoxoxox


Lori said...

She is just adorable! Her and Haley would get along great:) makes me want to plan a trip!
Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter:) said...

Thank you my sweet niece! Yes they would! I SO wish we lived closer...but you'd need to move back to Ohio. FL is too too hot! LOL~xoxo

Kat said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday to Ella! said...

Thank you, Kat!

Dolores said...

Ella is so beautiful!!! Oh, how I understand about the 'feeling older' part..... Our children and grandchildren grow up way too fast!

Lynne Bolar Clark said...

Oh my gosh, Carol! Has it been that long since I "met" you? I remember when you were posting toddler-Ella pictures on your blog. Time is flying at warp speed. Don't blink! She'll be in high school next! Well... maybe not quite that quickly. An iPod, huh?

Maggie May said...

She is a lovely little girl.
My youngest granddaughter who is one year younger than Ella says its not cool to love pink and princesses...... Who said so? Her older siblings of course. That is such a pity!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a ball at the beach! Wiggle those toes in the sand for me! xx oo Nel