Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~Now I'M The Grandma~

I love the song, "Over the River and Through the Woods". It brings back so many dear childhood memories of going to my Grandmother's' house for Thanksgiving and holidays. She was always there....standing in the kitchen. Red-cheeked. Old-fashioned house dress under her apron. The house always smelled SO good. And we all gathered around her huge dining room table. All of us.

Then, my Mom became the grandma. And we would pack up the boys and head to "Grandmother's House" on holidays. She was always there....standing in the kitchen. Red-cheeked. Slacks and a sweater under her apron. The house always smelled SO good. And we all gathered around her huge dining room table. All of us.

And now....I'M the Grandma!! They get to come to MY house. I'll be here.....standing in the kitchen. Red-cheeked. Slacks and sweater. No apron! The house will smell SO good. And we will gather around our huge kitchen table. All of us. And we will remember. All the childhood holidays spent at OUR Grandmother's House. We'll be making those same memories for our grandchildren. And my grandbabies will look back, long after I'm gone....and remember~

A Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to all my blogger friends, all my dear customers, and all my 'real' world family and friends. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you for many more Thanksgivings to come~

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Jules~ said...

I have to share something with I was doing some volunteer work and spotted a fellow volunteer across the way with a necklace I recognized. It was one of yours! I asked her about it and found that it was a gift from her daughter because she is a cancer survivor. She wears it every day and said she is so thankful for the person who made it because she knows the crafter prayed for her the whole time it was being made.

Imagine that....all the way over here in Portland Oregon I see your handiwork from across the room and get to share the blessing with you of how you make a daily difference in someones life. It is that whole ripple effect that God blesses us with.
It made me feel a bit closer to you as well. I love how God does that.
As you become completely immersed in your holiday business with orders, I thought you might be blessed to know that you are amazing and touch peoples lives.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Sandi McBride said...

trying to think if there's anything better than being a grandma...haven't found it yet! Hope your Thanksgiving if filled to the brim with good company good cheer and good food! You'll notice I've started a second blog (hence the different picture on my id lol) so I'm thankful that God has given me confidence to overdo!
Sandi and Mac
I've actually got a movie of Over the River at Holding Patterns~ said...

Jules....Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing that with me. It is heartwarming to know that my creations and prayers are making a difference. I know exactly which necklace and recipient that is. Whenever someone shares their story like that daughter shared with me, I always pray for the person while working on it. And lately...I've heard some very sad stories of loss. We can never have enough people praying for us. I know you already know that. Yes...God works in wondrous ways! Happy Thanksgiving, Jules~ said...

Sandi....You're right: nothing compares to being a grandma. And yes.....I watched the movie on your blog....and it conjured up a lot of wonderful memories AND inspired this post! The same good holiday wishes to you~