Monday, November 21, 2011


Good Morning! It's dawn here in Ohio. The sun hasn't come up yet. The orders are stacked and ready to be filled....a brand new day is on the horizon!

Lots got done this weekend because Katie and her sister Fannie spent the day with us on Saturday. They arrived here early.....surprising us with a warm-from-the-oven apple pie and just-made apple sauce! They were up way before dawn to accomplish all that in their Amish kitchen! You haven't lived til you've tasted home-made Amish baked goods! I think I'll invite the girls to join me for baking Christmas cookies this year! What fun!!

Tom surprised his dad by arriving after lunch to help him with the remainder of the leaves in the yard. Five acres of trees make for a whole lotta raking!! Bless you, Tom~xoxoxoxoxox You have no idea how much your dad and I appreciated it. We know you have your OWN huge yard to care for!!

It took Fannie 7 hours to clean the house. Yup. It was dusty and really needed attention. And Katie and I worked on orders. I have 2 overflowing bins to take to the PO this morning. My new stack is piled and ready with labels already on envelopes, thank you notes written.....just waiting for me.

The family will be here Thursday for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping elves arrive on Wednesday to help start the pies, sweet potatoes, etc, or I fear they'll never get done!

Coffee in hand.....Rosie and I are ready to start the day. It will be a long one. But....we're used to it....saying prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord who has bestowed all this on us...for us. Thank you, Lord.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Week Monday wherever you are in this world. Remember to say prayers of thanksgiving for all the blessings in your life~


Sheri said...

Sounds like a wonderful and productive weekend! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family!

Dolores said...

What a sweet son you have!

Your weekend and week sounds very busy....I hope you can slow down for a little while and get some rest before the big meal.

Happy thanksgiving!
I got notice the 3 necklaces are on their way....thank you!