Sunday, August 28, 2011

~To Ella on her Seventh Birthday~

My Dear Sweet Granddaughter....

If God had tapped me on the shoulder some 7+ years ago, and told me to describe what I thought would be a perfect granddaughter.....I would have described YOU. Just the way you are. Perfect from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. From your daddy's green eyes and long lashes, to your mama's beautiful zest for life.

You know, this Grandma waited a long time for a little girl. I loved your Daddy and your Uncle Tom....but, well....they sure aren't girls!!!! Then God sent YOU, sweet doll. When your mommy told us they were expecting a baby, she said she hoped it would be a girl. For me. She's so sweet. And OH did God send us a little girl. A perfect little girl who loves everything pink, sparkly and girly. Certainly everything that THIS Grandma could have dreamt of!

And so, sweet Ella, my wish for you this year is that you always stay as sweet and innocent as you are now. Always.

With All My Love To the Moon and Back.....




Dolores said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Ella. Little girls are so very special......Blessings to granddaughter and grandma!!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Oh, SO sweet! ;^)
Happy Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Ella. ;^)

That's exactly how I feel about my little 8 year-old grand-daughter, Annabelle. ;^)

Sheri said...

This is sooo sweet. ♥ I have three little girls myself and it such a wonderful thing. : )