Monday, August 8, 2011

~Art Shows~

We went to an art show yesterday. It was one we used to do. It was great fun to see some of our old artist friends. Fun seeing all their ‘new’ wares. Fun sampling the food. But this year….we won’t be participating in any of the Art Show Circuit ‘fun’.

Will we miss it? Yes. Are we happy to be ‘sitting out’ this year? Oh yeah!

What I’ll Miss:

~the comaraderie of the other artists

~the shared laughter, joys and complaints

~the interaction with the customers

~their feedback

~counting the $$$

What I Won’t Miss:

~the pressure of making sure to have enough product

~the hauling of all the ‘stuff’ praying we didn’t forget anything

~the putting up of the booth

~taking down of said booth

~unpacking at home

~starting all over again!!

Thanks to the internet and our new website, we will be doing business strictly online this year. Hop on over to and see what we have to offer~


Dolores said...

I wouldn't miss the setting up....etc...etc..

Your work is so unique and pretty.

We have 3 adopted granddaughters from China. One is a ballerina, one a gymnast and one an artist.
I'm going to order the necklaces that are ballerina and gymnast, and I was wondering if you'll be making one for an artist.... if so I'll order all 3 at the same time.

Kat said...

I imagine that it is a lot of work. And you've been busy. I think it is smart to take a little time off. :)

Merisi said...

I can imagine that just the pleasure of visiting without the stress of being a participant yourself changes the outlook considerably. s

Rosebud Collection said...

My little granddaughter has her art show this coming weekend, while I work a show with youngest daughter..Have to admit..I use to do many Art shows/as well as Craft tiring..Was fun, but now I enjoy helping out..At least the one coming up is by the ocean and they have Lobster boat races..that is fun to that will be a plus.. said...

Dolores...I don't have anything sterling for an artist. I checked with my suppliers this week. I'm so sorry!