Monday, August 1, 2011

~Sunflower Days at RoseCreekCottage Studios~

August brings Sunflower Days to RoseCreekCottage here in Ohio. I'm busy working on my new website: RoseCreekCottage Hand Stamped Jewelry. I'm so happy at the way it has turned out. The wonderful designers at Pure E-Commerce did a fabulous job of turning my ideas into reality. Their designs are not only beautiful, but their professionalism, expertise, and patience working with someone like me who has limited computer knowledge is amazing. I recommend them to anyone who needs a website designed. One of my dear friends 'found' them, and I cannot thank her enough for sharing them with me. (thank you, Jen~)

Speaking of Jen....stop over at her shop, Urban Baby Stylish Moms for everything you could possibly dream of purchasing for babies or toddlers. You will not be disappointed!!


Kat said...

Ooooo. I love your new layout here. It is so pretty! And your pics are beautiful! :)

Carol said...

Thank you, Kat. I value your opinion. I will be adding Give-Aways check back!