Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~Pajama Party At RoseCreekCottage~

Place: RoseCreekCottage Studio

Time: Friday Nite!

Bring: Your pillow. Your bunny slippers. Your nightie. A favorite stuffed animal. An empty tummy. Lots of giggles and stories to share.

RSVP: Regrets Only.

The girls are all ready to party. They're all dressed in their girly flannel nighties, their bunny slippers, and each one is carrying their eyelet-edged, pink-ticking pillow. Each of my Ragamuffin Dolls have one of my original poems.
This one begins:

"Giggles & Laughter & Secrets & Tears....We'll be friends forever (at LEAST for 3 years!). Pizza and Pepsi all over the place......".

They're totally hand-made from my original design. I use all new materials. Stuffing is new polyester fiberfill.

These sweeties stand 20" tall, look adorable seated or hanging on a wall....and promise to bring lots of smiles and years of love and laughter to any little princess....tot, tween or may know.

This auburn-haired dolly is listed on Etsy. She's $45.00, calorie-free, non-fat, and guaranteed not to talk back!

I'm taking 12 with me to Stan Hywet's Ohio Mart next week! I'm off to the Studio to work on long-legged, vintage-clothed rabbits. They're pretty 'hairy' to work with. (Sorry...I couldn't resist!) Have a spectacular Wednesday in your little corner of the world.


Anonymous said...

Simply adorable! Your poem took me back to sleep-over days in high school :) long, long time ago.....

SandraRee said...

Oh this is so sweet! You are so talented!

Thank you for your visit! :)

Martha said...

Love love love the girls!!! You rock!!! ;-)

(and I promise that I'll love you for more than 3 years!!!)

Jules~ said...

Your girls are so adorable! You really have a talented flare running in you. Those little bunny slippers are amazing.

Isa said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for checking my blog out! your dolls are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh, ooooooooooh, oooooooooooh! I'm in love with your pajama gals (forever, not just for 3 years!). And those bunny slippers are an "original classic" for sure.

Love ya!

Ballerina Girl said...

So precious! Again I ask...
how can I order one of these for my little girl?
She would love it for Christmas, and I always do my ordering about now (remember I live out of the US, so most things are bought way earlier than normal!) Please let me know!
BG said...

Marci...Ah, yes...those were the days, weren't they??!

Sandra ree....thank you, and you're welcome!

Thank you, Martha dear! Ditto!!

Jules...The bunny slippers are my favorite part of these babies!!


Kathi....hmmmm...from one 'original classic' to another!! can email me at!! I can send you more pics when I know exactly what you want!