Friday, September 5, 2008

~Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet Hall ~

I'm working on Halloween things this week in the studio, and creating things for Ohio Mart, which is October 2-5 at Stan Hywet Hall in Akron. It is a juried show of all hand-crafted art featuring 120 artisans. Held on the magnificent grounds of Stan Hywet Hall, in huge white tents which are strategically placed between the gardens, it's one of the finest shows in Ohio

In the past, it was one of my biggest I'm hoping I will run into lots of my past customers. I'm very excited and honored to have been invited. The jury process for this show is in person, and takes place in February.
I've listed some of them in my Etsy shop. Take a peak!


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by with a comment.I love your blog and your dolls. I remember that my daughter was given one of your dolls as a baby gift.
I also have had to dealt with Alzheimer's with family members and friends and I feel what you wrote about with your Mom and the phone call.
I will be back to visit your blog again and I will gladly list you under the category of my favorite Ohio blogs.
Have a wonderful day!

Deb said...

Well. This is rather embarassing but it is the truth so here goes...until two minutes ago I didn't really know what this whole Etsy shop was about - and now I do. I visited your 'shop' and wow! I LOVE your jewelry! So I guess I am correct in that everything in these Etsy stores are handmade? Can you tell I am a relative newcomer to blogging? I will leave for now,rather red-faced! Take care.

Carol said...

Amy...How neat that your daughter has one of my Ragamuffin dolls! Thank you for stopping by. It's always nice to meet fellow-Ohioans!

Carol said...

Deb...Don't be embarrassed! There are SO many things out there in cyberspace. How could we possibly know about all of them!

Yes...Etsy is for totally hand-made creations...other than supplies, which are listed as such. I was fed up with all the EBay fees, so I've moved most of my business to Etsy. It's a great place to shop...and Christmas is coming!!

Mel said... yesterday was just...well...horrible. One thing after the other went wrong and I was close to a meltdown. A thought popped into my head so I went down to the basement and pulled out several of my/your Ragamuffins and brought them upstairs. Those babies went into storage when the flesh and blood babies moved in! I took them upstairs and put them in strategic places where I could always see one of them. But then...the dress of the one I wanted to sit "here" didn't match. Soooo...just like when I was a little girl I sat down and switched their dresses! Honestly it was an encapsulated moment of pure and simple joy.

The girls noticed them this morning and Hope said, "Mama? Why is that doll there?" "Because Mama wants it Mama NEEDS it there. Whenever I see her she makes me smile." And Claire? "Bay daw? Bay daw?" Closest translation, "What is that baby doll doing there?" I told them I have a Christmas one as well and now they can't wait for me to pull that one out.

You're a treasure my friend. Thank you so much...see you at Stan Hywet! ")

Carol said...

Oh Mel!! I'm glad they can still bring you joy. I think I can recall you and Garry standing at my booth with dolls in your hands at every show you bought from me! Do you know that dressing dolls still does the same thing to me? Every single time!
I've never discussed this with anyone else. But it is pure joy. Maybe childhood revisited? I don't know. But it is!! I'm so glad you got them back out where they belong!!

xoxoxoxox See you in October!

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Thankyou for popping by and your nice comments
Your work is really sweet
Take care

CIELO said...

Hi Carol.... did you get my e-mail? Hope you are having a wonderful Friday.... see you soon


womaninawindow said...

Such pretty things. And shucks, we'll be in Ohio the week after...going to the Renaissance Festival with our kids. Looking forward to it. Would have been cool to see you and your art first hand.

Tanya said...

Your work is wonderful! How fun to see your goodies!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!