Monday, August 25, 2008

~Witchy Women~

Oh no! It's almost September, and there are Witchy Women hanging around my studio. Everywhere. They won't get to take flight until the beginning of October, when I pack them up for my first big juried show. It seems I can never make enough. They're my own design. No two are alike. Their whimsical faces appeal to both children and adults. It's difficult to see the bauble at their necks, but they say BOO! They have hand-painted faces, skinny legs, and silly floppy slippers. Oh...and they really fly. At nite. When everyone's asleep. How do I know that? Because each morning when I turn on the light in my studio, they aren't where I left them. And they have these playful grins on their faces. Really.

This morning I was up early (again!) and had to laugh when I turned on the lights in my studio to see all these Witchy Women staring back at me! I swear one winked. Yeah, I know....I need more sleep. Or more coffee. Probably both.

I'm off to make more. I need about a hundred...and I'm not at the half-way mark yet.

If anyone sees those elves I've been waiting for, please send them to Ohio. To RoseCreekCottage. I'll gladly pay their traveling freight!

I'll be listing some Witchy Women in my Etsy shop in September.

If you need them sooner, just email me!

I'm off to make a second pot of coffee.

Have a wickedly-wonderful day in your little corner of the world!


Anonymous said...

Carol, your witchy women are adorable! Your post this morning left me with an ear-worm, as I keep hearing that old (1970's?) song: "Ooooooh, oooooooooh, witchy woman, she how high she flies; oooooooh, ooooooooh, witchy woman, she's got the moon in her eyes!" Your witchy women have stars in their eyes that light up with a gleam of mischief. What a wonderful way to welcome autumn!

Martha said...

I love your witchy women! They're so expressive I wouldn't doubt that one or more doesn't take flight at night! Maybe before you leave at night you could give them instructions to help! :-)

Still looking for those elves, haven't seem them in Michigan!

Carol said...

Kathi...That's a great old song! Seems like yesterday it was at the top of the charts.

Martha...Keep lookin', okay? I really need them and I have a feeling they may just be in MI!

Anonymous said...

Carol, the faces truly facinate me. They really do seem to have their own personalities! Your work is amazing.

Carol said...

After about a zillion face, I sometimes wonder who they are! They all do have different personalities....and I have absolutely no control over them! Kind of reminds me of Twilight Zone.

IsabellaCloset said...

Hi Carol! Oh my gosh are your witches ever adorable! What sweet faces. You are such a talented Gal! Keep up the good work....
Hugs & blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Carol said...

Thank you, Mary!

Hugs and Blessings back at cha!!


Marci said...

I want some of YOUR coffee!!!!

I just love your work and admire your talent ♥

Carol said...

You're welcome to MY coffee! It's been doing the trick! See you in the morning when the coffee's perkin'!

womaninawindow said...

Give me one ounce of your talent! One!

Last Hallowe'en I tried to make a long black skinny witch's boot to hang from a cabinet. It turned out to look like a black and demented twisted candy cane, a warning of a horrible Christmas to come. I liked it in spite of no one knowing what it was.

Carol said...

You, dear woman, have the talent to write circles around me and just about every other woman out here in blog-land!

Don't give up trying at those artistic attempts. The kids will always remember them...good, bad or silly!!

Patti said...

I just love the Witchy Women! I love love love the captivating expressions on all your dolls! Hope the elves find you soon; in the meantime, you're doing great on your own!!!