Wednesday, August 6, 2008

~A New Book Club and Congratulations~

I'm so swamped with orders that I'm starting to wonder what I've gotten myself into! I finished a Special Order last nite for one of this earth's angels, Melanie White. She is a dedicated nurse who is celebrating the completion of 30 years of nursing at the end of this year. As she was typing an email to me as to what her vision for a charm bracelet would be, I was typing one to her. Guess what? We both had the same ideas! it is, Melanie. And a heartfelt 'Congratulations' from someone who has witnessed, firsthand, angels like you. With everything my Mom and Dad have gone through these past years, I truly appreciate each of you dedicated Earth Angels!

I have a dear friend who is in town from Arizona. Susie and I started our teaching careers together in the same elementary school eons ago, along with our friend Karen. At a luncheon for Sue last week, I mentioned I would love to find a book club that meets during the day, but most of my friends are working. Surprisingly, there were other women there who were interested, so we met for the first time yesterday. In choosing to keep the first book 'light', we decided on Kirsten Kiernan's first novel, Catching Genius. You can check it out here on her blog, Kristy Kiernan's Amazon Blog. The group of women is very diverse, intelligent, and (this is the best part) fun-loving! At the end of yesterday's initial meeting, we found ourselves wondering whether we actually needed a book to discuss each month! The topics were varied and interesting. We didn't quite solve all the world's problems, but we tried! Now I'd better get myself to the studio. My boss is a tyrant!


Miss Understood said...

They are absolutely beautful! What a fantastic idea! I'm sure you are going to be doing a lot of moonlight shifts for some time to come :)

Nelliej13 said...

Beautiful bracelet for Melanie! I love your blog, Carol!

Carol said...

Thank you so much, Nel!!