Friday, December 14, 2012

~Of Protein and Caffeine and Chocolate Oh My~

This is what keeps me going these days. Without what you see in the photo I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace of these 16 hr. days in the studio.  Katie and Fannie had frozen the last of their berries from the garden in our freezer, and I woke up to fresh berry shakes one morning.  Delicious!

What you don't see: lots of coffee, chocolate, Aleve...and the laughter of two little amish girls helping me make it through these very long days and nights!

We're wading through the last few hundred orders, intent on getting all of them shipped by Wednesday, Dec. 19th. I need to sleep at least 3 hours or the migraines hit with a vengeance. So good.

Two trees are finally up....some cookies shopping week......

So...Happy Friday wherever you are in the world~

Carol and Rosie


Kat said...

Sounds extremely busy, but wonderful. Hope you get some rest soon!

Dolores said...

Your tree is beautiful!!! and.... your life sounds extremely stressful, but your work is making so many people happy with the gifts they receive that you've worked so hard on.
Berry drinks....YUM!!