Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~Prayers for Chardon, Ohio~

I've had a very difficult time trying to post anything this week. The senseless shootings at Chardon High School, which is our neighboring school district, has permeated all my thoughts and prayers. You cannot go anywhere around here without finding that every set of eyes that meet yours have the same, sad look about them. You each know what the other is thinking.

So far, three young men have lost their lives, one is still critical, and one very lucky young lady was discharged yesterday to her family.

Kudos go out to the teachers and faculty, the fire and police departments, the FBI, and the students for following directions at a time of fear. Praise to the teacher who chased the shooter out of the building, possibly saving more lives.

Please keep the families of the victims, as well as the tortured young man and his grandparents, in your prayers. There will need to be a great deal of healing here in NE Ohio.


Jen said...

Well said, Carol.

Rebecca said...

Sweet remembrance, Carol...

I'm sick about this and can't help but wonder WHAT happened in this boy's life to cause him to do such a thing... Nothing warrants killing...nothing!

When my son was in HS he was bullied so badly by a particular classmate. Our son was this handsome kid, sort of a computer geek (but not a nerd really) and struggled to fit in even though he was brilliant. While at a football game he was punched in the face and beaten up around the head that his face was swollen up to twice it's size. If he could have he'd have fought back but he couldn't. We didn't know the TRUE story for two years...not until the guy who beat him up was arrested for murder. He was convicted, too!

The violence has to stop...I'm so glad my kids are grown but now we have a g-daughter we worry about. It's just CRAZY out there!

Prayers going up for everyone.


Carol said...

Thank you, Jen. You know how heartsick everyone is around here.

Rebecca....I am just certain that this is what's going to come out about this boy, too. I believe he was being bullied. With today's social media, ie. Twitter, FaceBook, it's SO much easier to get to someone like this.

I'm so very sorry that happened to your dear son. I hear you on being glad our children are now grown, but like you, I worry about the grandchildren. This really DOES have to stop. And I just read they're trying to pass a bill stating that parents have to get a court order to access their children's text messages! Absurd!! If a parent is paying the bills...they should have access to everything! Nuff said!

Glenda said...

Oh Carol, it breaks my heart to hear about things like this. Kids are so fragile at that age and can't seem to get past what's happening in the here and now. If they could only understand that given a little time, things will change and their problems will seem so insignificant someday.

I, too worry about my grandchildren's safety in this world of madness. My heart goes out to the victims and their families and to this boy's parents and family. Knowing the heartache that their child caused other parents must be more than they can bear.

I'm sure it has really hit home for you being so close by.