Monday, December 5, 2011

~Monday Blessings: Christmas Elves~

Today's blessings start with the Christmas Elves in my life these days: Katie and her sister, Fannie.

I saw a commercial the other day that said, "Santa has elves....YOU have Target". With all due can keep Target. I'll take my elves!! These two amish girls are helping me more than Target ever could!!

Katie is here 3 days-a-week doing all the polishing, packaging and shipping of orders. She keeps the studio (and me!) organized and running smoothly...which is no small task. Fannie comes with her on Saturdays and cleans and bakes. I feel like I died and went to heaven!! The house looks amazing, and the cookies....well....can you say, "Perfection"? I never realized how cookies could truly look perfectly uniform as well as tasting delicious!!

So....Rosie and I have been in the studio since 4:30. One pot of coffee down.....several to go. We're off to pick up Katie. Have a gloriously productive, blessed day wherever you are in world....and don't forget to thank God for the Christmas Elves in YOUR life!

ps. That my sweet Jim is also up there on my 'Blessings' list goes without saying. He does everything from keeping the coffee coming, to rubbing my sore back and shoulders, bringing me sweet treats and dinner, etc. etc. He is the greatest blessing I have~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Jules~ said...

You certainly do have some wonderful blessing elves around you. It is so much fun to discover all the different ways God loves to love and hug on us. Relationships that He puts around us are such gifts.
And you Carol, are such a blessing also. Your cheerful heart and talents bless so many.

Dolores said...

The cookies look beautiful and delicious!!!
I'm so glad you have these wonderful ladies to help you through this busy season.

Sandi McBride said...

I'd take the Elves any day of the week, too!!! How bout a loan?