Monday, February 2, 2009

~Winter In Ohio~

It's winter in Ohio
And the gentle breezes blow

Seventy miles an hour

At twenty-five below.

Oh, how I love Ohio

When the snow's up to your butt.

You take a breath of winter

And your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful.

I guess I'll hang around.

I could never leave Ohio

'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!


Jeni said...

I live in Central Pennsylvania -near Penn State University's main campus -and the weather here is pretty much as you describe for Ohio. My son, who drives tractor-trailer is always teasing me about how much nicer winter weather is along the route he has been running for the past 4-5 months now -from Hagerstown, MD down to Charlotte, NC. He mentioned this fact to me about two weeks ago one day when he called home and I was grumping and growling about the yucky weather here -snow, sleet, freezing rain, etc. But I told him don't even think about trying to get me to leave here cause even when I bitch about winter and all its problems, I still love it here and would never want to leave. Maybe I am really "Frozen" to the ground here after all.

Darlene said...

That is a great poem! I'm sure it is SOOOO true! BRRRRRR

Sandi McBride said...

You have made me laugh and now I am having a giggling fit! It sure brought back my days of living in Cleveland Heights and going to Monticello Junior High...walking through feet, not inches, of snow to get I glad I live in South Carolina again, lol!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr! It's like that here too. Flippin' awful. Love the poem.

CJ xx

April said...

Living in the Deep South, we don't get much of the white stuff in our neck of the woods. So, I will have to enjoy it through your experiences and those of others.

That picture is GORGEOUS and I love your poem, too! Stay warm and build a snowman for me! :)

Mel said...

HAAAAAAAAA!!!! Oh I so needed that...I think I might have snorted...but my nose was frozen shut. ;)

Anonymous said...

I Love it! It's just too funny.
I think I'll print it and post it by my computer for awhile.

Hoping for somemore melting in my neck of the woods today.

Love, Kay

The Pink Bird House said...

What a funny poem! I know it is true about the weather, but at least you are keeping your sense of humor about it all, then laughter is what gets us thru when the going gets rough (and this winter in central USA sounds pretty rough). If it makes you feel any better, we get a lot of rain and gray and yucky damp weathe for most of our winter here in Germany, and it too is not very pretty nor enjoyable. At times I long for the snow, at least it is nice to look at, where as the mud we have is not! Have a great day anyway, inspite of it all, Debby

Anonymous said...

Wow....that's being buried for sure! I'm in Baltimore, MD and WISH we got snow like that!

Ballerina Girl said...

great poem....
this is a great time of year if you like the snow. I miss it, but I am not sure if I would like living in it anymore!
I think the snow is so pretty...ah, I wish I could be around some right now!

Woman in a Window said...

Ohio? Really? But yes, it didn't look like that in the Dayton area when i was there, but once or twice, but I lived in Geauga County area for a while, and yes, gorgeous!

Your poem? Hilarious!

Katherine @ Sweet Caroline's said...

I'm taking the kids to Cleveland tomorrow, my son is meeting his extended family for the first time! As I'm packing my 'warm' clothes, this gave me a smile today, thanks!