Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~The Prize Inside~

Do any of you remember those tantalizing adds on the very fronts of those ‘certain’ boxes of cereal that claimed to have the very best prizes inside….and the best part of all, was that they were ‘free’? Really. They were. Yeah, I know….my mother didn’t believe it either.

Those Saturday morning cartoon shows made sure they covered every single brand of cereal, and were sure to show just how ‘wonderful’ the prize inside was. And to convince all of its kiddie-audience that they really really ‘needed’ the particular magical miniature slate, ring, magic trick or diving frogman. I mean really. You didn’t want to be the only kid in your class that didn’t have one, did you?

My brother, sister and I would put on our very best angelic faces and earnest sounding promises of how we would eat ALL the Corn Flakes in that box. Just because none of us really LIKED cornflakes was inconsequential.

No sooner had that ol’ DeSoto pull into the drive when Mom arrived home from the store, our grubby little hands had reached to the very bottom of that cereal box, grinning as we pulled out ‘the prize’.

When I received a package in the mail from my sister the other day, I smiled as I ripped off the brown paper to find a large box of Honey Nut Cheerios. I grinned. Then giggled as those memories flooded back to me.

The significance of that particular brand of cereal to my sister and me: my two poodle pups, and Kathy’s one poodle pup will pirouette on their hind legs for Honey Nut Cheerios! They LOVE them!

I anxiously opened the box, fully intending to pull out a handful of those sweet little round ‘O’s’……but instead, felt FUR. Uh-oh. I was a little disappointed. And a wee bit leery....but lo and behold,

I pulled out the sweetest bear. With wings. Cranberry-colored velvet ones. As I sat the bear on the counter so I could stand back and admire him…..there on the bottom of his paw was “Angel of Hope” embroidered in cranberry lettering!

Thank you, Toots! I carry him from room-to-room. And that cereal box……I’m never throwing it away. It has a place of honor in my studio. Memories don’t get much sweeter than that. And neither do sisters!


Jo Hoffacker said...

Those were the days! Actual cool prizes in cereal boxes.

Mel said...

Soooo...love...creativity...compassion...they run in your family? Have I told you lately just how blessed you are...and how blessed *I* am to have you?

Oh and BTW? My Hope? Her nickname is Tootsie. ;)


Darlene said...

I remember those days of finding just the right cereal for the best prize....lol!

That bear is absolutely ADORABLE!! How sweet.♥

CountryDreaming said...

Loved reading this story about such a thoughtful gesture from your sister. It's a real day brightener! And who can forget watching Saturday morning cartoons in between cereal commercials? Those were the days ...

Anonymous said...

What a sweet gesture from your sister. I remember that silly Frogman toy.. you added some type of powder in his foot and he would dive in the water.. thanks for the memories! Hugs.. Nel

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loved reading about those wonderful memories of finding the surprises inside the cereal boxes. And those promises to Mom that we would eat all the cereal in the box, if only she would buy the brand with the best goodies inside. Once the goodies were in our hands, the cereal was not often eaten up, but Mom always continued to buy for us. I actually still have some of those little surprises from my childhood cereal boxes. My favorite is a red plastic alien pencil topper my brother had fished out of the box and it took me days to convince him that he could not possibly love it as much as I did, and bless his heart, he handed it over one day! I kept that one!! A great post, bringing back very fond memories, so thank you for the post and the memory-jogging!!

Suldog said...

Great memories you just brought back for me. And you have an extra-special sister there!

April said...

You definitely brought back some fun memories for me...it was all about the prizes! Your sister is a sweetheart!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Carol
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am pleased to meet you.
What a lovely surprise from your sister in the cereal box. The bear is so cute.
I have enjoyed reading your blog. I love your ragamuffin dolls. I will be back soon also to read more.
Best Wishes

Woman in a Window said...

Ooooh, talent obviously runs in the family. He's so pretty.

And yes, all those prizes. Remember the ones in the tea, as well. I used to swoon when we'd visit older relatives and my mom would enjoy a cuppa. Meanwhile I'd be drooling over the little figurines.

Angel of hope, indeed.