Monday, November 3, 2008

~Home Again~

It's always good to return from vacation. The memories linger on...but home is best! Especially when you return to the glorious colors of fall! The photo on the left is what our street looked like when we arrived.

We had a wonderful time with our boys, Jackie, and the kids. Playing with Ella and Jackson always warms my heart. Stepping into their world and seeing the universe through their little eyes is something I find I carry with me even when they're not around.

Ella toddled into the ocean in spite of its cool temperatures. She tried her best to convince us that it was warm! I wish you could have seen her goosebumps. Nothing stops that little one! Jackson was content to sit and play in the sand.

Uncle Tom taught Ella to use chopsticks. She learned quickly that they were great utensils for ‘stabbing’ just about anything but soup and rice!

Her mom and dad enjoyed an evening out by themselves while grandma and grandpa and Uncle Tom babysat. They returned with beautiful earrings for her. As you can see, she loved them, refusing to take them off the rest of the week!

I finished another show before we left: The Nutcracker Sweets in Aurora. It was fabulous, and I’ll surely apply there again next year. The ladies of the church were wonderful, bringing me bags of ice for my ankles every 'hour-on-the-hour', because I fell in a hole on the way to my car on Friday nite. It was a dark, moonless nite, and I didn’t see the sewer hole in the grass as my friend Pat and I ran to make the light, crossing to the parking lot. Fortunately, I only sprained my ankles. The EMT’s and dr. in the ER were certain I’d broken them! So, it’s a gimpy lady here who limped down to the beach and now….to the studio! They say that time heals all things. I hope that goes for ankles, cause they REALLY hurt! I have a whole new compassion for the elderly with their canes, walkers and wheelchairs. We take so much for granted.

Fawn’s doing well, although he’s still walking on three legs. He and I are ‘gimpy’ together. He really looked at me strangely when he saw me on crutches that first nite!

So....I am hobbling back to the studio today....crutches and all. I have two more shows, and am still filling orders from the first one! I'm working on Santas this week. I know they don't mind that their 'creator' is a hobbling lady on way too much coffee, leftover Halloween candy and lots of Motrin!

Have a glorious November Week...wherever you are in the world~


Jodi said...

Awww, I hope you feel better quickly!! It seems like you had such a nice vacation though! Ouch about falling in the hole!

Carol said...

Thank you, Jodi! We DID have a nice vacation! 'Ouch' is right!!

womaninawindow said...

You poor lady! My mom wiped out earlier this fall on a rock (while fishing with my son) and messed up her arm. It takes a while to heal these parts. Take it easy.

Sounds like your shows are paying off. Fabulous!

Carol said...

Thank you, Erin. Yes...I'm stunned with the economy the way it is...but am very happy it is working so well!

Kat said...

That whole vacation you had a gimpy ankle? Ouch! That stinks. At least you were still able to have some fun.
Hope you feel better soon!

Carol said...

Yup, stunk! But whatcha gonna do?! I made the best of it, and actually hobbled down to the beach once. That did me in, and I didn't attempt it again!!

Angie Atkinson said...

Love the fall leaves pic. I posted a similar one today lol! I do hope you feel better soon too. But it sounds like things are looking up in other ways! I wish you continued success! :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

I hope your ankle heals in no time! And autumn colours in the trees are so beautiful =)

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Another wonderful post Carol and great photos!
I hope your ankles are getting better! Your dolls must be beautiful!
I am adding you to my Blogroll Jukebox if you don't mind! As all your posts are so wonderful!

Sara said...

going on vacation makes you appreciate home a lot more doesn't it!