Saturday, October 5, 2013

~Reasons You Gotta Love Fall~

Too many reasons to list of why you just GOTTA love fall...but one of my favorite: going to Patterson's Fruit Farm to purchase apples and cider. Just the smells of apple pies, fritters and hot apple cider make it worth the stop. Rosie and I stopped there yesterday and bought Gala of our favorite for baking,  making sauce or eating.  We hosted good friends Babs and Bob here last nite for dinner and served homemade Apple Crisp made from some of the apples for dessert....and I must say it was a hit....but we ate it all!

We have a little reprieve from work in the studio today.  It will most likely be the last Saturday we can get away from it like it's a welcome pleasure for sure.   So.... a second Apple Crisp is in the oven. Amy and Tom along with Amy's sister and boyfriend are arriving for a lunch of Brats on the Grill.....and along with vanilla ice cream, this will be the perfect dessert.  Can you just smell it???!

Have a glorious Saturday....wherever you are in the world~ Carol and Rosie~



Kat said...

There is nothing like a beautiful fall. Makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. :)
Happy Fall!

Anonymous said...

this is when I make my applesauce and crock pot apple butter...and fried pies for Sunday supper! I love this time of year! We will be celebrating 45 years of marriage by returning to the scene of the crime, Charleston, SC. It is lovely this time of the year!