Saturday, September 3, 2011

~Gummy Vitamins...Not Just For Kids~

I dislike taking lots of pills, and discovered that VitaFusion makes all kinds of gummy vitamins for adults! They taste JUST like gummy candies...and I actually look forward to taking them. They have multi-vitamins, vit. C, Calcium, B Complex, Vit. D, etc. I found them at Target...and cheaper still at Costco. I've been taking extras this week because we're watching our three grandbabies this weekend. There'll be lots of movies, coloring, computer games, swimming and just plain FUN!

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend, wherever you are in the world~


Dolores said...

I love gummy bears and I hate taking pills, what a great idea! I'll be looking for some when my current stash runs out.

Enjoy your exciting weekend with those precious little ones.

Nick said...

Just saw your blog and post. I'm with you on the pill thing. Just hate 'em, and have been taking gummies for a while. If only they made antibiotics in gummies!

Kat said...

I've been swallowing 4 or 5 vitamins at a time lately. I think I could use some of those gummies. :)
Hope you had a wonderful time with the grandkiddos! :)