Friday, July 8, 2011

~Waitin' Again~

One of my favorite posts, written in 2008. Now, three years later, again I'm 'waitin', but this time, for three precious grandbabies instead of two! They'll arrive tomorrow. I can't wait!!!~ So here it is, as it was written back then.......

They’re comin'! Ella and Jackson are comin' back to RoseCreekCottage this weekend! We can hardly wait. I put on my favorite hat with the big crimson rose. And my red-patent-leather shoes. They don’t call me “Mercedes With the Red Shoes” for nothin’!

Ol’Bear put on his favorite “sweater with the pearl buttons”. That’s what he calls it. He’s quite fond of it. He even wears it in the summertime. Silly bear. It belonged to Ella and Jackson’s daddy when he was just a lil fella. And pearls. I don’t think he knows that boys are not ‘sposed to wear pearls. There’s just no talkin’ to him. Sigh. I do try. Often. I fear his ears don't work no more. He’s old, ya know. He belonged to Grandma when she was little. Can’t imagine her being little. But I hear she was. Just a little girl. Like Ella. Bear collects hats. Always with flowers. Old ones. The hat he's wearin' was Grandma’s. That ol’ bear is just too fond of all Grandma’s stuff. I have to watch him. Sometimes, in the morning when I wake up, he's dressed himself in a whole new outfit. Yup. Stuff of Grandma’s. Sigh. She just laughs at him.

Then there’s Ol’ Hare. He’s itchy. Made of mohair. I don’t think he bathes enuff. And he has what Grandma calls 'an attitude'. Thinks he’s related to the Easter B. Silly ol’ rabbit. He wears hats, too. Just like Ol’ Bear. And me. He’s jealous cause I can wear bigger hats. And shoes. Red ones. Patent leather.

Me? I’m a serious soul. I follow Grandma from room-to-room, overseeing all the scuttlebutt that’s going on at RoseCreekCottage. And ya know….I’m worried 'bout her. She’s gettin’ up earlier-and-earlier these days. Workin' in the studio. ‘Cept she calls it 'playin'. You should see the ‘stuff’ she’s ‘playin’ with: dolls with painted faces, St. Nicks with wool beards 'n knickers, long rabbits with glass eyes. They scare me. Too big. And there’s the jewelry! Some with diamonds. I keep beggin’ her to let me wear some. Just some. I’d be VERY careful and only wear 'em to tea parties. With my red patent-leather shoes. And for special times. Like this weekend. When Ella and Jackson come.

I have the teapot ready. I washed the teacups. Twice. Really. Ella likes sweet tea. With lots of sugar. Silly girl. Anyway….we’re waitin'. It's hard.

Oh….and if you see any elves around….would you please send 'em to RoseCreekCottage ASAP? Grandma’s been mumblin’ about them not showin’ up here again. I fear they’re lost. I promise cross-my-heart I’ll pay their travelin’ ‘spences. Grandma needs help.

In the meantime….we're just waitin’ for Ella and Jackson. Sigh. Hurry, Saturday. Hurry.

Verry Sincerelee,

Mercedes With the Red Shoes

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Sandy said...

Carol, you are so creative! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today! Enjoy the visit with your family!