Monday, April 4, 2011

~Monday Blessings~

~It's finally Spring here in the midwest! New little shoots of spring flowers are poking their heads through the cold ground.

~The snow has melted.

~Birds are singing...and the robins are back.

~I had the snowtires taken off my car on Saturday!!!

~I'm working on Mother's Day orders in the studio.

~It's 'almost' warm enough for capris and sandals!

~Amish Katie comes tomorrow to help in the studio.

~The Spring air smells so God is right there ready to turn all the gray, empty trees to lush shades of green.

~Life is good!

I'm off to the studio this morning...then Rosie and I are off to visit Mom for lunch.
Have a beautiful April Week wherever you are in this world~


Cassie Shella said...

So glad the snow is melted! Love your spring time blog banner:) HOpe you have a Blessed week.

Marci said...

Ahhhhhh, Spring. There's nothing better!

Dolores said...

The flowers look so beautiful poking through the snow.
I'm so glad you're finally getting some springtime weather.

Yes, life is good.....God makes so much beauty for us to enjoy.