Thursday, February 10, 2011

~Farewell, Fawnie...Til We Meet Again~

Dear Dad, Take good care of my puppies. You now have both of them with you in heaven. Fawnie was so sick. I know that now, he is running through the green fields, ears flying in the wind, with Coconut.

Remember when Tommy saved his birthday money to buy him?? He loved that puppy. sigh.

We are taking time to mourn his loss. He was such good company to me this last year without Coconut. He was always right by my side while I worked. He hated the 'pounding' when I hammered the silver jewelry, though! Maybe Jim will come home from work one nite and meet a new puppy. We'll see!

Katie came yesterday and spent the afternoon with me. It helped a lot. She's a smart cookie for a little Amish girl!!!

For now, I will spend more time with Mom, and take some time to do some traveling. It's the first time in 36 years that I'm not responsible for anyone else: first the boys, then the dogs, then you and mom, then just mom, then one I don't like this feeling.

Mom's alzheimer's is still the same: she knows who we are, feeds herself with a little help, can't walk or stand, and still only speaks an occasional word or two. But I know you already know that.
Aunt Grace is there with her, too. She's not doing well, either. They eat all their meals together. It's heartwarming to watch. Who knew they'd both end up there together!

I bet you're golfing everyday. And still rooting for the Browns, and as you used to say, "How 'bout them Indians?"!!!

I miss you horribly, Dad.

xoxoxoxoxox To Heaven and Back~

Your Loving Daughter~xoxoxoxox


Ballerina Girl said...

what a beautiful letter....
and I am so sorry to hear of Fawnie passing, though it seems like she is in a great place now.

Have you ever heard of the Rainbow Bridge?
Check it out:


Jules~ said...

Carol, I am so sorry. I pray for God's comforting arms to be felt around you.
Your letter to your dad made me cry, in a good way. You are so wonderful.

Dolores said...

Your thoughts/letter are so touching and beautiful!!!
Our animals give us so much joy and comfort, and oh how we miss them when they're gone, but thankfully we'll see them again someday.

Thinking of your mother......Alzheimer's is so dreadful!

Cassie Shella said...

I'm sure Fawnie is rolling in warm grass, so sorry for your loss. We lost our Hailey about three weeks ago, I still turn around in the kitchen and try to step over her (she was tall and 110 pounds!). Enjoy your freedom, even if it is bitter sweet. I tell my girls they now have a furry angel watching over them, you do too.

Kat said...

Aww. I am so sorry. :( I know this all too well. The loss of the pet, the parent with Alzheimer's, the missing your dad. I know it. And I'm sorry.
*hugs* and prayers too!

Cynthia L. H. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss....
Sending hugs across the miles.