Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Wednesday Blessings~

It was SO nice to be back at Mrs. Claus' Closet last week in Westlake, OH. Even after 8 years of absence, my customers are STILL buying my creations!! Several women stood in my booth, teary-eyed....telling about the 'long-ago' Ragamuffin doll that someone had bought for them. And now...they're buying them for THEIR nieces, grand-daughters, etc. Heartwarming!! The photo shows Monica, whose nieces gave her an 'Aunt' Ragamuffin
doll about 15 years ago. She said it has dark curly hair just like hers! She's holding the 3 Cheeky Monkeys that her friend purchased. The Monkeys will be traveling to her 3 grandbabies in CA for Christmas!!

My next show is Gifts From the Heart at Landerhaven Country Club,Sunday, November 21st. It benefits the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Other blessings this week:

~Tis the Season....and I'm working to keep on top of orders! Even though I put in 12 hours yesterday....I was able to leave for 2 hours and go visit Mom!

~I don't even have to leave to go to the PO. The mailman picks up all the packages every day.....(big smile here!)

~Though my 'boss' is a driven, A-Type personality slave-driver and admitted workaholic, I'd rather work for her than anyone else I know!!

~I can work in my jammies sipping coffee all day if I want!

~Amish Katie is coming once-a-week again!

~Got to spend one-on-one time with my oldest son who came into town last weekend to go to the Browns Game with his dad and Uncle Chuck! (and yes....even at 35 yrs, I love to watch him sleep.....just like I did when he was a baby~)

~Mom is having an 'awake' week and is actually responding with one word answers!!!!

~Got to spend fun time with my SIL and BIL, Bob and Kathee, who were in town from Destin, FL. They experienced one heck of a snowstorm Saturday!!!

~It's beginning to 'smell' like winter outside and I LOVE it!~

~I absolutely LOVE what I do!!!!

Enjoy whatever this day holds for you. It's a present you can NEVER get back~Ciao.....Carol~


Mel said...

See you next something for me...that you and Garry can fight over. Watching that is almost as good as the actual purchase!



reneek said...

those are cute dolls

Jules~ said...

Oh my so many wonderful things to comment on.....

Destin Florida, wow my brother and his wife used to live there. They moved up to be with us in Oregon 6 years ago.

Look at all those orders you are mailing out. I am so excited for you. I imagine the thrill and pride you must feel in bringing pleasure to people by the work of your hands.

I am most thrilled your mom is having an awake week. While before I sympathized with you and felt so much I feel all the more and so connected. I have to tell you that many a time when I was trying to keep Daddy safe in his confusion, you came to my mind. Knowing just a glimmer of things you have shared about your mom reminded me that I was not alone. That feeling of watching my daddy change so quickly in his mind and lose more of him every day, every hour....I heard whispers in my head saying Carol understands.
You didn't even know it but you were helping me get through all of this. Thank you.

You have a blessed and wonderful day.