Monday, March 1, 2010

~Monday Blessings~

Mom started eating again after refusing food for 3 days last week.

Aunt Fran came through her 1st week of chemo (lymphoma of the brain) with flying colors.

Jim's LOVING his new job. It's the blessing of his career!!!

Tom and Amy's wedding plans are coming together beautifully. They're happily redecorating their new home.

All the kids will be in town this coming weekend to celebrate my birthday.

Fawnie has adjusted to being the only puppy, and is LOVING all the attention.

36 inches of Snow!!

A brand new month~

I'm well and back in the studio again.

Life is good.

What are YOUR Monday Blessings?


Anonymous said...

My blessing #1: having you as a friend, and your blog as a happy Monday stop!

Other blessings: sons I not only love, but really like; a sister who's closer to me (mentally and emotionally) than ever, and who celebrated HER birthday just yesterday; a close circle of friends who advise and support and love and share with me on a daily basis; my own good health.

Life is GOOD indeed---thanks for reminding us and for sharing your Monday blessings with us, dear one!

Marci said...

blessings..... my friends who love me just the way I am, my boys who go out of their way to remind me that they are indeed "blessings", my Riley-boy, my job comes with a ton of daily blessings ...

Darlene said...

Morning Carol,

What wonderful blessings.♥ I can't believe all that!

Anonymous said...

Well.. It's Tuesday, but counting my blessings just the same. The friendship we share is one of God's most perfect gift. xx oo

Jude said...

What a beautiful photo, but I certainly hope we don't get any more snow I think we've had more than enough. All sounds well for you and your family at the moment so those are indeed blessings. I really hope you and Fawn are adjusting.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Carol...I'm so happy that your mom is eating again...and that your aunt got through her 1st week of chemo...I will keep her in my prayers!!! Thrilled that you are back in your studio, and that Jim loves his new job!! Yes, life is very good!!! Love you!!! Janine XO